Superstring Officially Announce Their New Title Acolyte

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Superstring has today announced their latest titles that were previously known as Project 2. Project 2 was rumoured around the time of the release of Headspun. With teasers coming from various members of the team, we were excited to see what they had in store. However, We can now say that their new title is called Acolyte.

“Acolyte takes advantage of the Spirit AI Character Engine, allowing players to converse with their Acolyte in real time via a series of text exchanges. The full game combines non-linear storytelling with real-time notifications and wider ARG elements for a unique narrative that spills out of the game and into the real world”

So, from doing my reading the game invites you to become an employee of Nanomax Technology. They are a tech startup looking to change the face of AI. If you want to check them out, you can! Simply click here. Not sure what vacancies they currently have. Your role as a remote QA tester, you will interact with colleagues within Nanomax but not all is as it seems! Did someone say dodgy codebase? You become part of the story and if anything like Headspun you will be consumed by it!

So, if that doesn’t get you interested I am not sure what will! Their previous title Headspun had an amazing storyline. Its safe to say I am extremely excited about this one! A free Prologue for Acolyte – allowing players to talk directly with their Acolyte to experience the unique AI interaction at the heart of the game – is available now on Steam and Future access to the full game and behind the scenes content is available through the Superstring Patreon, which will allow patrons to help shape the ongoing development of the game.

You can check out the announcement trailer below

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