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Welcome to Thumb Culture! We are an independent gaming website bringing you all the latest news, views and reviews from the world of gaming and tech.

Established in 2015, Thumb Culture is run by a small but awesome team of primarily UK-based writers and content creators who are passionate about the games industry. Find out more about the team here.

If you have an enquiry and would like to get in touch with us, drop us an email at enquiries@thumbculture.co.uk, or catch up with us over on social media @thumb_culture.


Management Team


Editor In chief

Been playing games since I can remember, from spectrum all the to current consoles. Always been interested in video game news and recently got the opportunity to head up a great team of eager people. I’m generally a man of many words but I try and be succinct and to the point in everything I write.


Senior Editor

Fun, open-minded, part-time rock star and awesome father. Games are an important part of my life, not only as a form of escapism but a great way to socialise with family, friends and people around the world. I look forward to discovering new games and letting you know what they have to offer!



By day, I’m a Software Developer for Xibo LTD (we develop UpdraftPlus, WP-Optimize and Easy Updates Manager for WordPress). By night, I’m a Colourblind PC Gamer, Web Admin, Content Creator and affectionately known as The Other Stu for Thumb Culture.



Dan (AKA Not Stu) can be found on most platforms as Bartledub. Somehow, I am also a dad and a husband and love a good play gym and movie night. I am a PC gamer who will just give any game my time. IT Service Lead by day and rockstar by night. Self-confessed Dr Pepper addict who loves sifting through 00’s Emo and Pop-Punk playlists on Spotify. 

Admin Team



I’ve always been an avid gamer. I mainly prefer playing Indie games to the bigger “AAA” titled games, but I’ll dabble with anything. I also play on a variety of platforms



Otherwise known as Nostalgic Gamer on Twitter. I am dedicated to the procurement and preservation of physical video games and consoles. A retro gamer at heart, with a passion for Playstation and sultriness for Sega. Other hobbies include playing guitar (metal), Formula 1, learning languages, walking, being with nature and reading up on military history, occultism, paganism and demonology. And I love cats!



Freelance writer, artist and lover of all things gaming. Prolific tweeter and inconsistent Twitch streamer. Fledgeling narrative designer and Xbox Ambassador. Social media queen, Discord chatterbox and digital designer. Loves a brew, milk no sugar.




Paul aka MillennialBug or just Bug. Indie Game Enthusiast and Trophy Hunter. You can usually find me lurking around Twitter and Discord when I’m not busy with gaming/work/uni/life!



When he’s not 50 hours into an FPS game or tasting obnoxious styles of beer, Alfie is probably trying out some intriguing games that are out now or upcoming. 50% pizza by volume.


Youtube content

Goes by GameOnScorpio on Twitch and social media. Enjoys video editing, motion graphics, voice over work. He has been gaming for as long as he can remember, from the Amstra, Amiga and Sega MegaDrive up to current consoles and modern day PC gaming. Has been known to pick up his guitar once in a blue moon, sing and change his voice.



I’m a Retronaut, meaning I collect vinyl records, comic books and old video games. Can be found on Twitter or streaming something old and probably janky.