Deceit 2- PS5 DLC Overview

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In tandem with its free-to-play and console debut, Deceit 2 developer world makers have delivered the first DLC for the game. The DLC introduces a new terror, a new curse role, and an item available at the peddler.

For my full review of Deceit 2 alongside my thoughts on the DLC, check out my PC review linked here

New Terror: The Wyrtorn

The headliner here is The Wyrtorn Terror, a fresh take on the werewolf from the original deceit game back in 2017.

The overview screen of the terror "wyrtorn" showing the titular warewolf selected on screen.



Maim is the Wyrtorn’s basic attack ability, replacing the experiment’s typical grab with a leap. Anticipate your opponent’s movements and strategize your jump before pouncing on them, unleashing a savage assault and draining their sanity.

The Wyrtorn leaping towards an enemy
Maim (Captured on PC but it’s too perfect to not show off)


You and your AI companions unleash a hallowing howl that disorients and drains sanity. The Wyrtorn is also alerted to nearby players’ presence.


Go all out and let loose a full-speed sprint to chase down those pesky survivors; be careful though, while sprinting you cannot see survivors through walls.

New Cursed: The Chemist

The chemist has one goal, to poison everyone, terrors included.

You’ll do this through a menu, picking any living player to poison. Once poisoned, a cooldown period commences before you can administer another dose. Don’t fret though, players who have either been voted out or hunted down by the terrors will not have to be poisoned to win.

Promo image with the text “new cursed role, the chemist”
Credit: Deceit 2 Steampage

Recently poisoned players are unable to use their abilities temporarily, adding a layer of strategy and social deception.

After everyone is poisoned, the poisoner must engage in a cat-and-mouse chase, hiding until your victims succumb to the poison.

Adding a tiny bit of personal opinion here, I absolutely love the chemist. It’s the perfect mix of strategy and social deception that really displays all of Deceit 2’s strong points.

New item: Ball and Chain

 the ball and chain item overview. The description says "Keep someone in place for a short period of time."


The peddler has a new item in store for players, the ball and chain. This item can completely lock players in place temporarily, you could also place it on yourself to blame others and get them eliminated.

So that’s everything the Deceit 2 DLC has to offer! Once again for my thoughts check out my full review of Deceit 2 here!

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this article.

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