Here at Thumb Culture we are all about giving something back into the world, especially charities. We felt that, even though participating in our upcoming charity stream is beneficial, we wanted to make this a permanent fixture in Thumb Culture. This way we will be constantly trying to raise awareness to those charities that are closest to the team’s hearts, through our website and streams. All revenue, donations etc will go straight to that charity, Thumb Culture will not gain any profit.

Each year a new charity will be chosen to raise money and awareness for as team members get to pick one they would like to start the year off with, making it a team effort and voices being heard. We are currently deciding our 2024 chosen charity to raise funds for.

Thumb Culture Charity Events

Charity Stream – (Date to be announced)

We have had great success with our charity streams and in 2024 we will be hosting another charity stream weekend, so please keep your eyes out for the dates once they are confirmed.

More information will be announced on our Social Media in the weeks leading up to the event, so don’t forget to keep checking back. Alongside the charity streams, we also have weekly streams and community nights.