Tomb Raider Trilogy Coming to Evercade

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Well that sweet retro music to our ears keeps on rolling in as Evercade announce that PS1 classic games from the Tomb Raider franchise are coming to the suite of retro systems.

Evercade Tomb Raid

The original 32 bit versions of Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III will be released on a single cartridge as Tomb Raider Collection 1. Sporting the original “Tank Controls” the cartridge will be #40 in the Evercade red line and will hit shelves on 31st July.

New Hardware Bundle

The new Giga Cart format that was recently announced allows for these bigger more ambitious retro games to be released on the Evercade systems thanks to the cartridges having double the capacity of the original cartridges. While the storage size increases, the form factor stays identical to the original carts meaning the new releases on this format will maintain compatibility with all of the systems.

A render of the Tomb Raider Evercade EXP-R console bundle
Bundle of Lara

As if the announcement of Lara Croft making an outing on Evercade wasn’t enough, the Giga Cart collection of the beloved first 3 entries in the series will be bundled with the newly revealed EXP-R and VS-R line of consoles.

The refreshes of the Evercade range of consoles come in at a lower price point. It is expected that the EXP-R will have better battery life and run cooler than its predecessor as it has a more efficient chipset. The removal of the HDMI mini should also help in this regard.

Pre-orders open on April 30th.

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