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I recently got the opportunity to take a look at the Backforce V Plus! Toting a price point of €499, I put this chair to the test. How did it hold up? Is it worth the price of admission?

Sitting At a Hefty Price.

I entered this review a little nervous as my first chair critique. “how do I go about reviewing a chair?” I thought to myself. Thankfully, my worries were swiftly dispelled. The Backforce V Plus gave me plenty to think about due to the sheer amount of features and customizability offered.

 the completed backforce v plus
Before adjusting for my preferences, just after the build.

The Build

Regrettably, initial impressions were less than stellar. Put simply, I’m an over-worrier. The Backforce V Plus did not come packaged with instructions, leaving this hapless reviewer staring bewilderingly at all these components. However, in hindsight, the Backforce V Plus proved to be a straightforward build. It only took around half an hour for me, with 5 minutes of that being finding instructions online.

After seeing other experiences with the chair, it seems the instructions typically come with the chair.  Every part you need to put the chair together should be, and was included. Those parts were just two Allen keys and an assortment of screws.

While the build seemed overwhelming to a newcomer at first, it turns out that the chair is astonishingly simple to put together.

A partly put together backforce v plus
Almost there…

General info

The V Plus has been tested to support up to 300 lbs and is ideal for heights between 4’9 and 6’3. It comes in a range of colours including black, red, purple, blue, and green, with a few custom styles too. There’s also a 10-year warranty, of which more info can be found here.

The Seat Of it

Without a doubt, the standout feature(s) of the Backforce V Plus is the extensive array of customizability options, catering to the individual preferences and requirements of almost every user.

The chair has re-adjustable “5D” Armrests, meaning you can adjust the tilt, height, and even push them all the way to the sides if you’re not a fan or want to get closer to the action. Of course, you can adjust the chair height itself as well as the tilt, seat position, and even how much you’d like to lean back

a close up of the armrests
A look at the armrests

Having this much customizability does leave a few parts feeling not as solid as a less feature-rich chair would feel, but it’s worth the trade-off for a fine-tuned experience of comfortability. The only person who knows your comfort is you, and the team over at Backforce understand this.

Understanding how to adjust some of these features can be a bit tricky at first, but with the help of this backforce published video, you should get the hang of it in no time.

I’m also now realizing while writing this that the knob to lock the chair lean into place and release that lock, looks like a smiley face, whether or not that’s intentional, it’s a win in my eyes.

A component of the chair shaped like a smily face

Cosmetic Design

Out of the range of colors valuable, I opted for the purple design. The chair boasts a sleek honeycomb pattern, adorning its seat and back, showcasing and elevating the premium look of the chair.

The honeycomb design of the chair
Honeycomb design

Backforce offers custom patches to stick to the shoulders of your chair with Velcro. The chair comes with “Backforce” and “V Plus” patches when you purchase the chair alone, but you can add your own as an option. The team over at Backforce was generous enough to provide a custom “Thumb Culture” patch which looks awesome.

The patch "thumb culture" on the chair
A great addition!

I decided to put the Backforce V Plus’s claim of being “designed for long sessions” to the ultimate test.

During a gaming session, I realized that the Sea of Thieves plunder pass was due to end in less than a day and I still had 80 tiers to go.

So I got my last touch of grass in and began one of if not the longest session of gaming I have ever had. A staggering 13 hours of grinding XP to try to hit that deadline. Throughout this endurance feat, the Backforce V Plus proved to be an unwavering ally, supporting me every second of the way. Thanks to the ergonomic design and adjustable features I didn’t feel the physical toll of such an extended session. Emerging having achieved tier 100 with only the mental scars.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find fault in the Backforce V Plus. The materials make for an extremely comfortable chair made all the more comfortable with the customizability aspect. Being able to fine-tune your experience to your exact needs and preferences with extreme ease on the fly is a literal game changer. The armrests feel a slight bit wobbly, owing to the 5D functionality, but it’s hardly noticeable enough to be a prevalent issue. The only factor to consider when buying the Backforce V Plus is the price.

After putting it to the test, I can comfortably award the Backforce V plus the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

And no, a better gaming chair did, in fact, NOT make me any better at gaming…

Disclaimer: The product was received in order to write this review.

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