Bootleg Steamer Release Date Announced

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Junkfish is a name synonymous with horror thanks to their hit game Monstrum, but just like their Monstrum monsters, they have a little surprise for us all. That surprise being their new game Bootleg Steamer.

Junkfish Pushes the Boat Out

Bootleg Steamer transports gamers into a rogue-like adventure set in the Prohibition era of 1920’s America, where would-be smugglers captain their ships, tasked with supplying thirsty cities with the very thing they can’t have: booze, and lots of it! But bootlegging is a risky business, it’ll demand shrewdness and strategy to protect profits in the face of changeable weather and the relentless pursuit of the local law.

It’s a Whiskey Business

Recruit skilled crew members, upgrading ships inline with your smuggling strategy, and taking risks with high-stakes dealings will be key to success in this high-stakes game of cat and mouse. With a choice of six captains and over 50 unique maps to pick from, there’s a multitude of ways to play as you hustle to make crime pay and rack up the highest score possible. Set in a time of deep contrast, strategy is everything in Bootleg Steamer. Whether supporting cities devastated by the Great Depression, or carefully managing your scarce resources, life is never dull, as players travel through the tapestry of history in this one of a kind adventure.

Bootleg Steamer is available to Wishlist on Steam today, and will be launching on April 25th 2024. The Junkfish team are also attending WASD so you can check out the game there too!

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