Resident Evil 3 Review – Bloody Brilliant!

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News footage infests the television showing chaos from around the world. A disease. An infection. The brain dead roam the desolate streets hunting for food. Yes, the Coronavirus has really done a number on us.

In order to escape this horrid reality, the majority of us turn to the virtual world. Here we can lose ourselves in a universe far different than our own. Lurching on to the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on April 3rd is Resident Evil 3, a remake of the 1999 classic which shares more than a few similarities to our current predicament.

Capcom reinvigorated the Resident Evil franchise with the horrifyingly terrific Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. In a landmark move for the franchise, Capcom transformed the game from a sub-par action-orientated horror game (Sorry Resi 6) to a dark, twisted trip in the first-person perspective. Getting back to their roots, fans of the putrid genre wondered where they would go with the franchise.

“Remaking Resi 2”, I said in disgust. Although, a personal favourite of mine, I was more excited to experience something new from the pioneers of horror. However, after playing the game, I realised how much of a fool I was for doubting them. Not only did the game modernise a classic, but they improved it. On the back of arguably the best game of 2019, Capcom has remade Resident Evil 3 and I for one was excited to experience the pursuit of the blood-curdling Nemesis in the glorious RE Engine.

Yup… I’m definitely going to die


Jill Valentine, a member of S.T.A.R.S and the master of unlocking, is in Raccoon City as the virus breaks out. The evil corporation, Umbrella, has sent out its latest abomination to hunt down and eviscerate all S.T.A.R.S operatives. Unfortunately, that means you.

The opening of Resident Evil 3 is probably the best in the series. The scripted cinematic sections will make your pulse race as you try to escape from the clutches of the hideous Nemesis. Instantly, fans will draw comparisons to Mr X but these are mechanically very different foes. Rather than being an ever-present character, the Nemesis appears at particular points in the game which I believe is better in terms of pacing. On top of this, he stalks in a more demonic and vicious manner in comparison to his predecessor.

Fans of the Resident Evil 2 remake will feel instantly familiar with the mechanics of the game. The methodical third-person gameplay lends itself to the horror genre due to the feeling of insecurity created by the tight angled camera. Zombies burst out of areas to create frantic moments of panic, or merely their presence in the distance can make you feel agitated. 

Got a bit of zombie on your shoe

An addition to the game is the evasive dodge function which can be particularly helpful when trying to escape tight situations. A focal point of the game is the conservation of ammo and, due to this, the dodge feature is imperative. Fortunately, the environment also has electrical boxes and oil canisters meaning you can lure those pesky zombies to particular areas and enjoy an explosion of brains and limbs.

Survival is tough but like other games in the franchise, this is not the only aspect that you will need to worry about. Inventory management and puzzles are also prominent features and give a welcome break from shitting your pants.


The performances and 3D animation are incredible and help to develop Jill into a more believable character. Her tough veneer yet emotionally scarred persona is one of the highlights of the game and cements her place as the strongest protagonist of the franchise. Moving on to the cast of ghastly, vomit-inducing enemies. Each character has been painstakingly rendered in a unique manner, making it feel like the whole of Racoon City has been infected.

An improvement over Resident Evil 2 is the environments. Ranging from the neon-lit streets to grim underground subway stations, the game’s movement between locations helps to make Raccoon City feel like a believable world.



The audio design helps to build an atmosphere which gives a sense of peril around every corner. With guttural groans and scraping of limbs on the cracked concrete, the audio in Resident Evil 3 keeps you constantly scouring the surroundings for those decaying beasts.


With a relatively short run time and no other A/B scenarios like Resident Evil 2, the game lacks longevity in terms of single-player content. However, the game does come with Resident Evil: Resistance, a full multiplayer mode! Matches consist of five players, 4 vs 1. Players have to escape by working together to get through traps, puzzles and enemies which have been set by the Mastermind. This requires teamwork and due to that, this would be better to play with friends.

This dude is a proper stalker


Capcom has created another masterpiece by modernising a classic. Whether you are a fan of the original or even new to the series, buying this is a no brainer. The game develops elements from the previous entry and is another example of why the company are heralded as the true masters of horror. Resident 3 gets the prestigious Platinum Award!

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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