Razer Promotes Stay Home And Game On

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Razer has taken to help combat COVID-19 and reduce the impact of the various measures in place to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Whilst the main of their initiatives are focussed on combatting the virus on a global level, which is listed below, they also have a couple of UK-focussed initiatives running, to get gamers and new home office workers get set up with minimal expense, and giving them something to play through Steam with a £10 Steam card with every qualifying purchase through Curry’s PC World.

For the £10 Steam Wallet offer on Curry’s PC World, all shoppers have to do is add the Steam Wallet Card to the basket, then enter the code “STAYHOMEGAMEON” at the checkout – so gamers can get themselves a new bit of kit and take advantage of Steam’s offers, using their £10 from Razer!

And to help new gamers, workers suddenly finding they need kit to set up a home office or just gamers that want a revamp of their battle-station while they have more time on their hands, we have extended the availability of the Epic Gaming Bundle – a superb “one box gaming bundle” of Cynosa Chroma keyboard, DeathAdder Essential mouse, Kraken X Lite headset and Goliathus Mobile surface. Now gamers can have a complete gaming quality Razer set-up for just £110… and get £10 of that back as a Steam Wallet code.

razer epic gaming bundle

This is in addition to other initiatives Razer are already have on the go, which so far are :

Razer pcmr

Announced on the 1st of April, Razer is setting up a dedicated automated manufacturing line for masks, to increase the production capacity as the demand for masks from our original plant conversion has way outstripped what we can produce.

The new production line is being funded by Razer, but they accepting donations from other companies to help cover the set-up, running and production costs.

Remember: stay safe, stay home, game on!

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