The Forest PS4 Review – Sun, sea and suspicious people.

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Have you ever wanted to just get on a plane and head out anywhere? How about you hop on a plane, it crashes, you survive and land on the most beautiful little island you have ever witnessed? As much nature as a David Attenborough documentary and beautiful scenery. Sounds amazing right? how about if it means your only child was missing on the island, and the other occupants of the island are slightly cannibalistic and deformed, just slightly…

Endnight Games, an independent games studio bring us their second title The Forest. The Forest is available on PC, Ps4, although it is not yet released for the Xbox one there are speculations and also questions as to if it will ever be available for the Microsoft platform.

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Playing as Eric, a loving father who wants to take his son on a trip, you begin on a plane which crashes on an island. you awake with no sign of any human life, the pilot, other passengers most importantly your son, so like any parent you set off on a journey to find your boy, equipped with just a guide book which teaches you how to build things.  This begins the start of your survival play, you must eat to stay alive, drink clean water, and fight anything that’s willing to attack you in the wild, animals.. cannibals  yep, that’s right human eating humans.. you’re a one-man army with a tiny little hatchet, what’s your next move? if you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise.. it could be that you find out how to make a small cabin to feel safe, or entirely create a camp with slingshots, spikes, big gates and defence mechanisms.

You get the choice to use either pre-made layouts or completely go freehand and create your dream home, well dream home if it was a dire emergency. Using whatever you can from wood, stones, busting open peoples suitcases for snacks, drinks and any other valuable sources you lay your eyes upon. From trailing the beaches to going through the forest and up beautiful snowy mountains you’ll come across the most adorable ( and at some times aggressive ) wildlife, using your Bear Grylls skills you can create weapons and hunting gear from sticks, stones and other items to give you the sleight of hand where you can hunt your own food from animal sources, easiest to get are fish or deer otherwise if the cannibals find you and you’re lucky enough to get the extra shot on them you can chop them up and become one of them ; chants “one of us, one of us ” If you do get bored of walking around up top and you dare go down into the caves, you’ll discover so many useful items, is it safe to venture down alone?  is your son down there? fresh food? go find out, it’s the only way to progress within the storyline. The game is pretty simple to control using minimal buttons to search through your “guide ” (all items to build are inside this wonderful guide, it’s like they planned the crash! ) and you can even quick equip any weapon using the arrows on the D-pad.


“wait, did you pack extra pants to go in this cave?”


Graphics and audio

I found the graphics weren’t anything too special,  they weren’t top of the range but they also were not the lower side either. many of the scenery around looks beautiful but just make sure you don’t look at the feet whilst walking because it’s not a pretty sight.

many of the enemies are “smooth”  where you’d expect them to be a bit beat up and not as fresh looking.

Many times animals can glitch such as deers walking and just disappearing,  many times when I was starving and wanted to grab a quick meal.

The audio, on the other hand, is very atmospheric, you can hear little birds flapping, it’s all very clear and at many times you find yourself hearing the enemies prior to attack, may this be their laughing, footsteps or grunting, you’ve just got to hope you see them before they see you even more so in the night time!


stay back, I have a lighter and a hatchet!!



The forest has a lot of potential for gameplay length you can play with up to 3 more people and chose your pathway. you can create numerous different settlements for yourself and your friends, explore the huge map, go down each and every bit of cave and create a base that will forever keep the enemies at bay! or you can challenge yourself to figure out the story within the survival experience and find out where your son is, or any other passengers of the flight. playing with friends does remove the isolation feeling, but it’s still very much a big deal to venture the dark with or without an accomplice.  If you find it “too easy ” to play in normal mode you can also upgrade and go into the hard mode. The option to join random online people’s games are also available so get out there and make some friends.

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Sir, you seem to have a little something on your face.


Overall I believe the forest has and is continuing to be a survival game I have thoroughly enjoyed to play both with friends and alone. a very scary eerie world with many possible outcomes and situations that will happen will be sure to give you hours of enjoyment.  I have decided to give the thumb culture gold award! See you guys in the forest.

Disclaimer: We were provided with a Code in order to complete this Review.

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