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I’m checking out a new open-world crafting and survival game called Taora: Survival. The developers at Tulpar Games released the game for early access in May and placed a road map to show what new features they want to add later on. You can purchase Taora: Survival on the Steam store for £11.79.

Looting, killing and surviving, oh my!

Craft, loot and build your character’s skills on a zombie-ridden island in the name of survival. Players will recruit characters, complete missions and build their base. Featuring an open world, players will also be able to utilise vehicles to travel across and explore the island.

I'm approaching a downed chopper. a couple of zombies can be seen in the background.


The game loads you in and gives you missions to help slowly build up your base. The missions are simple and great for teaching you the basics. You will build various areas to help you survive the world of Taora: Survival, for example, a kitchen to cook and keep other survivors fed and a place to sleep. You can upgrade buildings so that they can hold more items as well.

While exploring, you can find other survivors who you can hire to come live/work at your base. Each follower will have stats so that you can place them where they’ll be most efficient. If you place someone on a farm, make sure that there are seeds in the chest.


There is a small variety of infected you will encounter in Taora: Survival. Some of these are an armoured zombie, a huge bulky zombie and an Acid Spitter. Besides the visual look, you can see if a zombie is strong, especially at night when a green smoke is more noticeable. I came across some wolves as well, but I don’t know if there was a bug. I could see one trying to attack another wolf, but when I approached it wouldn’t do anything.

I am shining my torch at an infected who is running at me. There are some crate visible in the background near a building. On the hud you can see my current equipment which consists of a bow, rifle and axe.
It’s just one guy!

Crafting & Looting

Now let’s talk about the game crafting. You can craft on the go or at the base, but making stuff at the base is better for bulk crafting and refining materials. I could find materials such as metal scraps, microchips and batteries while looting, while wood, rock and ore come from natural resources. Other items I could find were clothing and weapons. The gun I found was a sniper. I then kitted it with mods I purchased from a shop. You can get body armour to protect you better, but I didn’t find any during my time playing.

The layout for the workbench crafting. The middle is the current item selected to craft and the left are what i can craft.

Final Thoughts

Taora: Survival runs well with only some minor frame drops when fighting with a melee weapon. The map’s size is great, giving plenty of points of interest to check out and loot, although the world itself can seem quite barren with nothing planted tree scattered around. I’m happy that we can hire new survivors to increase efficiency when crafting large amounts of resources or leaving someone to garden. One thing I should mention which annoyed me was after making a lot of progression in Taora: Survival, hadn’t kept my save when coming back.

Overall, the game isn’t too bad and since it’s only just released, I’d say it’s a good foundation for a fun game. The devs have said they would like to add new features such as fishing, pets, enemy camps and a character creator.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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