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Syntech, the innovative product company that aims to design products based on user needs, recently got in touch and asked if we wanted to check out a couple of new products.

Obviously we said YES!

So who are Syntech? Established in 2017, their mission is to revolutionise the digital accessories market by creating innovative and top-quality products that enhance the way users consume digital content. Sounds good right? Well as soon as the products landed with us, we dove straight in!


We got sent two of their products, the VR Crossbody Bag and the Headstrap With Battery Pack For Quest 3. Upon opening both products it was clear that the Syntech claim of top quality products was spot on. Let’s check out some of the features of these great products.

VR Crossbody Bag

Made of waterproof and splashproof material, the VR Crossbody Bag is a great way to transport your VR Headset. With compatibility across the Apple Vision Pro, Quest 2 and 3 and many other VR Devices. This bag is durable with a reinforced handle so that it can be carried by hand or as a crossbody. If you haven’t checked out our TikTok fashion shoot with the bag, I urge you to check it out here.

image showing the syntech xr crossbody bag on a white background

Internally the bag has a soft material to cushion your headset as well as an internal protection structure made to keep your VR headset safe and in place. Not to mention a bonus storage bag for all those little bits and pieces you might need. Worried about your lenses? Well worry not! This bag also comes with a little eye mask for your headset which is designed to cover the lenses for added protection.

An extra nice little touch is the easy-to-access back pocket for all your daily essentials so you don’t have to carry multiple bags. It really is a one-stop solution to transporting your VR Headset.

Headstrap With Battery Pack For Quest 3

This Syntech headstrap has some great features for VR enthusiasts! So let’s go step by step, starting with the battery. This battery is a mammoth 10,000mAh giving between 4 to 6 hours of extra gameplay. Obviously battery life is depending on games being played etc. but any Quest 3 owner knows, the more battery life, the better!

headstrap with battery for quest 3 on a white background

The headstrap is installed in the same way as all the other headstraps out there. Firstly you’ll need to snap off the original, or whatever headstrap you have on at the moment, then just press the arms into place, adjust the straps, plug in the battery and you are VR ready. Or should I say, ready to enjoy VR in comfort for hours, because with the additional soft cotton support strap, this is definitely going to be the case.

My only criticism would be the size of the battery, as in physical size. Though the size and weight of the battery is not surprising when you think of the capacity that thing has! Thankfully though even with the large battery this Syntech headstrap never felt unbalanced.

The padding on the headstrap is decent enough, although I expect that it might become a bit sweaty after super long periods. Then what headstrap doesn’t!

Final Thoughts

Having seen photos and reading the press release with more information about Syntech products shown at recent exhibitions, I am excited to see what other products are to come in the future. In the meantime to check out the newest Syntech products head over to their website here.

Overall Syntech seem to be taking designs that have been out for a while, and improving them with extra features for the users. These extra bits and pieces might just be what helps elevate this company into the upper echelons of accessory companies.

The future is bright, the future’s Syntech!

@thumb_culture We got handsy with the new Syntech Battery Headstrap! #vr #virtualreality #quest3 #meta #meta #quest2 #contentcreator #vrgame #gamingontiktok #battery ♬ Sunny Days – Raz Burg

Disclaimer: Samples were received in order to write this article.

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