GameSir Eneba G7 Special Edition Controller Review

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Here at Thumb Culture we’re always keen to try out new hardware. So when we were contacted to see if we wanted to try out the new GameSir G7 SE, we knew we had to say yes!

Getting to grips with the controller was easy. Straight out the box it was perfect. Plug and play at its finest. Anyone familiar enough with the traditional Xbox layout design will have an easy time with this controller.


Let’s dive into some of the more finer details about the GameSir G7 SE.

The controller comes with a super durable 3m long braided cable. Which is great news, as the controller itself is compatible with both Xbox consoles, as well as your Windows PC. Meaning there is plenty of length no matter where you sit when gaming!

Alongside this, to ensure that you have precise control when gaming, the controller comes with Hall Effect joysticks and triggers to ensure that your controller stays box fresh as long as possible.

The GameSir G7 SE also comes with two additional buttons on the back of the controller. These can be programmed however you please, and with a locking switch meaning that there will be no accidental presses of the buttons. Even with the most frantic of games of Fortnite!

For those that play FPS games, you have the option to enable the hair triggers, just pop into the GameSir Nexus software and configure everything as you like it. This controller has rumble motors that feel incredibly powerful, giving you that little bit extra immersion right when you need it.

image showing the quick latch rear buttons, on the right is an illustration showing where the switch is and where the buttons are.
Switch on or off? That’s up to you!

If the bright colours of this special edition Eneba branding don’t float your boat, then don’t worry, included in the box is a standard face plate. Quickly swappable with a little bit of force to go against the magnets.


To say that the GameSir G7 SE if comfortable would be an understatement. The controller has a textured back grip for those long gaming sessions as well as the traditional Xbox thumbstick position. From long Call of Duty sessions to rapid Rocket League matches, this controller has left it’s mark. Or rather it hasn’t because this controller left me with no Gamer Wrist. Yes, that’s a real thing.

image showing off that you can plug your 3.5mm headphone jack into the controller and be able to control the audio

Final Thoughts

Overall this controller is a joy to hold.

Not just that, but the feature packed GameSir G7 SE is a great controller for the price, RRP of £74.00. With plenty of options as well as giving you some high end features you would be hard pressed to find better for the price.

The GameSir Eneba G7 Special Edition Controller gets the Thumb Culture Gold Award.

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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