Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse Review – A Technicoloured Dream?

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Here at ThumbCulture HQ we are lucky enough to review all manner of software and hardware so that you can read an unbiased view of what we make of it before you decide to spend your hard earned money.  This week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse and it is.  Stunning.

So how can a mouse be “stunning” I hear you ask?  Yes I would ask the same, I still remember the days of taking the ball out and clearing the fluff from the rollers, nothing stunning about that!!  Well take a look at the image below, and we shall continue.

Kone Aimo

Available in a black, grey or white chassis, the Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse retails around £70 in the UK.  The German design oozes lovely ergonomics that ensure the mouse fits beautifully in the palm of your hand.  With 10 years of refinement since it’s original iteration, the technology that it is boasting “under the hood” is leagues ahead of where mice used to be.

“But surely a mouse is just a mouse?”  I’m afraid not my friend!  That simple 3 button thing with the middle roller you are used to is severely undermined by this bad boy, and it is best shown off out on the gaming battlefield!

kone aimo

Boasting 12 buttons and a brilliant easy-shift button beside your thumb that unlocks the potential for another 11 actions, the accompanying Swarm software allows you to simply programme all manner of macros to each one.  The 32-Bit ARM MCU and onboard 512kB memory ensures that all macros are stored on the mouse and have a 1ms response time.  The ability to recall from 5 profiles allows for a range of different presets.

The 4D Titan Wheel allows control in 4 directions thanks to its advanced tilting tech however the game changer for me is the ability to change the mouse sensitivity at the press of a button.  Trying to get that game changing sniper shot? quickly adjust the dpi of the mouse using the 2 buttons below the wheel which will change the dynamic range of the Roccat Owl-Eye Optical Sensor under the mouse.  Ranging in steps from 100 DPI to 12000 DPI if required, the tech is completely user adjustable to ensure you reach perfection in your gaming play.

Kone Aimo

As you may of noticed from the images, the Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse also sports some awesome eye catching lighting technology which makes it really stand out next to your setup.  Here Roccat have added 2 more RGB lightstrips to the mouse, upping it to 4 and it looks gorgeous.  Using the Swarm software you can change how the mouse illuminates, from wave and snake to heartbeat and breathing, however for me the beauty of it lies with the Aimo Intelligent Lighting System option which reacts to your behaviour and changes colours accordingly.  The way it all flows is mesmerising and it received a lot of compliments from passersby while in the office!

kone aimo

If you are in the realms of wanting to upgrade that piece of glidey plastic below your palm then I would seriously take a gander at the Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse, weighing in at 130g and with a 1.8m braided USB cable this RGB multi button piece of magic could be your next best gaming friend.

I award the Roccat Kone AIMO Gaming Mouse a Thumb Culture Gold Award!


Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to carry out this article.

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