Roccat Kone Pure Ultra Gaming Mouse Review – Ergonomic Feather

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I am quite particular when it comes to mice.  Having come from the days of the heavy mouse where you had to regularly clean your ball and scrape the dirt from your rollers and then advancing to the optical versions I do sometimes struggle when I encounter a lightweight variant.  Roccat was eager for me to try their new Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse however when I read that it was only 66grams I did start to worry.  Would I throw it off the desk? would it feel cheap? would it be ok under my palm for long durations?  In the past when I have reviewed mice I have been hard to satisfy, particularly when it comes to ergonomics as I can suffer from cramps fairly easily and have had injections for carpal tunnel.  So what did I think of the Kone Pure Ultra?

The curves fit beautifully around your hand.

Straight from the box, the first thing I noticed was that the mouse was very light.  My favourite mouse so far has been the Kone Aimo which is double the weight and felt perfect below my palm for my style.  Button-wise there are 9, not as many as some gaming mice however that is not always a bad thing as it makes positioning your fingers less likely to inadvertently click one!  You have the standard left and right-click buttons on top along with the scroll wheel, dpi up and down and two buttons on the left-hand side.  Once again, being a Roccat peripheral, you can utilise the Swarm software to configure each of the buttons to your choosing.  Allocating the EasyShift function allows that particular button to then be held down to enable alternate functions for all the rest of the buttons.

The Swarm software is where the magic happens.

Ergonomically, the Kone Pure Ultra feels beautifully sculpted below my palm.  The curve where your palm rests is gentle and where your thumb and fingers straddle either side of the mouse there are curved indents giving you that feeling of full control as you glide the mouse around.  Roccat is keen to point out that the ergonomic design was achieved by using an innovative internal structure as opposed to its competitors that traditionally dot the surface in holes.  However this has been achieved, it works and feels great.  On the outside of the Kone Pure Ultra, the matt material that has been used allows you to always retain a good grip of it, there is certainly no sliding off the buttons during the heat of battle.

Groove is in the heart!

Getting to the optics, once more Roccat uses their custom Owl-Eye sensor which has been successfully deployed into many of their devices and is constantly being enhanced.  The sensor allows for an insane precision of up to 16000dpi however using both the Swarm software and the two handy dpi buttons on the roof of the mouse these can be adjusted to suit your requirements as well as on the fly.

The buttons on the Kone Pure Ultra feel crisp and are well defined when pressed as does the rotation of the 2D Titan wheel.  One let down mice can have is how clunky or soft they feel however once more Roccat have this tech nailed down.

Being one of the Aimo family, although not branded in the product name, means that there is, of course, customisable illumination to be played with.  Here Roccat has their logo at the back of the mouse change colour, yes sure it is covered up when your palm is on it however it does look awesome on the desk, especially when accompanied by other Roccat Aimo products that all entwine to produce effects depending on your usage.

Come on Lion-O the Eye of Roccat summons you!

The Kone Pure Ultra gaming mouse retails at around £59.99 and in my view is a very well designed piece of kit if you love to put in long gaming hours!  The functionality it provides along with the customisation options let me award this lightweight palm buddy a Thumb Culture Gold award!

Disclaimer: A sample was received in order to write this review.

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