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For those of you who don’t know, Final Fantasy VII Remake is nearly a year old!

Square Enix Music announced that along with the Final Fantasy VII Remake orchestral world tour starting their performances on Friday 13th of February, that we’re also going to see something before the concert. The first concert will be held in Tokyo, with more to follow. Check a list of them here. It’s good to see the orchestra is finally going to perform after initial delays of the concert due to that C-word that we shall not speak about!

I’m very excited about this news, could we be seeing more of the “one-winged angel” sooner than we think? I do hope they perform that song at the concert.

I can imagine this will sound beautiful to ones ears.
Imagine this will sound beautiful to one’s ears.

The Co-Director of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Motomu Toriyama, announced that there will be an “extra broadcast” held before the concert on Friday.

The above translates roughly into the below. Could this really mean more to come for the remake? Could we be seeing part 2 soon?

\#FF7R 5 days until the orchestra concert! / At the “FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Orchestra World Tour” held on 2/13, there will be an extra broadcast before the performance, so please take a look! Today is a comment from Mr. Toriyama, Co-Director! ♪ 2/13 Concert delivery Click here for details

I thoroughly enjoyed this game on the PS4, so this may mean I do need to buy a PS5 after all! – That’s if I can find one for an acceptable price of course.


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