Fall Guys X Fortnite Incoming Content!

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In the latest Fall Guys update, there is a line of data that could mean we may see some Fortnite content come to Fall Guys real soon.

There are some fantastic cross overs already in Fall Guys, one of my favourites being the Bulletkin from Enter the Gungeon, as below.

Enter the ... Bulletkin?
Enter the … Bulletkin?

As you can see below, Max @ Fortnite Leaks reveals in a Tweet the latest strings of code in the game’s content. FNLeaksAndInfo is pretty popular on Twitter and has been very reliable with content leaks.

I would say this seems a bit odd as both are “battle royale” games and in theory, they’re competing against each other. I guess that one is kind of like a gameshow whilst the other involves me building a small building whilst others build mansions.

The Cuddle Team Leader and Peely are some of my favourite skins on Fortnite. They closely follow the official John Wick skin. I would personally love to see a John Wick skin come to this game.

What do you think of this potential cross over content? Let us know in the comments!

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