Destiny 2 Update – Onslaught and Pantheon

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Guardian Onslaughts

I have been playing the new game mode Onslaught in Destiny 2 and boy do I have a lot to say about this game mode. I truly believe this game mode is a godsend to help bring life into the game. A well-placed tower defense that has us fight either a group of Fallen or Hive that I have to say…are downright evil! Especially the Hive with their Wizards, Shriekers and Ogres can all go suck on lemons for their broken ways. But, I’ll talk more about this later and talk about the game mode a bit more.

There are a lot of things that people figure out when dealing with the game mode, especially with the batteries. The batteries have more use than to help recharge the shield for the ADU. You can repair the defense you have. That being the decoys, turrets and the trip mines. These three can be upgraded with scraps, which you collect from taking out the enemies coming for your ADU.

For the current and future Kinderguardians out there, I’ll give you a run down about Onslaught. Enemies with a yellow bar of health will drop a ball that is considered the battery. These batteries can be used to repair not only your ADU, but it can repair the turrets, mines and decoys. Be aware of your enemies because both the Fallen and Hive have spawns that will explode on you. After every ten waves, a Boss stage will appear for your team to fight and win. This will make the next 10 waves more difficult than the last.

Reloading a gun while looking at a Fallen Champion getting attacked. Snowdropped surroundings with new structure being planted on the cliff edge.
Give me a moment before I shoot that Captain

Shaxx and his Power Plays

This mode becomes better because you’ll get to have Shaxx yelling at you without having to set foot into the Crucible. Having this man be amazed at what I pull off in either Onslaught or Pantheon. He’s also giving us access to some forgotten weapons from previous seasons that made me miss my Blasted Furnace. Thankfully, Bungie thought up the best way for us to work on getting the God Rolls we want. With the option to go to the weapon monument to help us only get that weapon after completing each wave in Onslaught.

Now, you’ll have to unlock these weapons by doing quests that you can get from his Redjack nearby. Most people would go to Onslaught or anything else, but everyone would go to Last Wish and use the Shuro Chi wish for a faster farm. I think I spent less than an hour just to complete 6 of the weapons. Heck, if you waited until now, all three of the grenade launchers can be done by just using the Witherhoard. Though, there is a Last Whisper quest spot, but you’ll have a time limit to get as much done, so to each their own.

Aiming down bow sight looking at a giant Shrieker boss. Inside of a Pyramid ship.
No matter how many arrows I shoot, it can’t poke this eye out!

Legend Onslaught is B-A-N-A-N-A-S

So, Onslaught has you going through 50 waves of either Fallen or Hive who get stronger every 10 waves.  When playing on normal, everything is nice and simple and can be completed in under an hour. But, the moment I go to Legend, I swear I was given some weird rubber band spaghetti code. That has enemies appearing out of nowhere on the ADU and destroying it faster. Or how Shriekers are the only enemies that will only be vulnerable if someone is nearby. But the biggest bomb is the Tormentors; they not only have beefy yellow bars, but they’re named!

For those who don’t understand, we have abilities that can either stun enemies for a few seconds, but named enemies are immune to it. The subclasses whose grenade can stun/disoriented abilities are Strand, Statis and Void subclasses.  So, we have to focus all our energy to kill this thing with other enemies coming their way to us.

Porcelain ghost shell knocked over and broken on the ground while the culprit just cleans themselves.
Did…did this cat just kill a ghost?!

The Pantheon that Keeps on Hurting

Now, Pantheon is somewhat like a boss rush where you and five others go into different raid encounters…with a twist. That twist being more enemies, beefer enemies and you guessed it, more Tormentors! The first weeks seem simple, but holy cow, is it something if you don’t prepare yourself or your teammates. The raid team I went in with spent exactly 10 hours to reach the last event, which I have to say we got hit by something. We kept getting screwed at the damage phase because Zo’Aruc kept failing for some reason at the third point each and every time!

We discovered that it’s slightly timed due to the bug. Rushing the damage in for the first two spots before relaxing on the third. With Atraks, it was just done in an hour using the three Titian thunder crashes. These we did at the start just to defeat him in one phase.  All in all, I can’t wait for the next challenge to get the God-Slayer titles. Tormentors in this game mode can be ignored since beating one will just have more spawn in.

For Kinderguardians, you should use the Fireteam Finder to either find a group or make your own. However, I’d also advise having friends to play this mode with to not get hounded on doing meta builds. Or watch videos on YouTube about the different encounters if you’ve never raided in Destiny 2 before. Just know that if you don’t have something, some of us are happy to help you get certain exotic weapons.

Shaxx is slightly out of slight while rewards and selectable objectives. A giant black orb floats while a blue barrier door keeps intruders out.
I’m sorry, what were you saying Shaxx? The ooze is calling to me.

Final Thoughts

These game modes feel like they were supposed to come out when the Final Shape did when it was planned for Feb. But, with its appearance now with the large gap until June, it was very well needed. It’s gotten people who I knew to come back for the game and play for long hours again like we did before. All of us are excited for the Final Shape to get here to get our hands on the Prismatic sub-class and go crazy. The only hope I have is that my enemies would stop Houdini’ing themselves to our ADU and break it!

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