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Using one of my nine lives, I recently took a tumble into Double Dagger Studios’ debut release, Little Kitty, Big City. A platformer and puzzle game released on the 9th of May on PC. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass to anyone with a valid membership.

Will You Land On Your Feet?

A cosy and relaxing game, with an abundance of mischief. It will not be long until you snigger at destroying a copious amount of plant pots.


Your adventure begins with a very cute kitty enjoying a nap in the brisk sunshine. However, it doesn’t take long until that is rudely interrupted. Next thing you know, you are catching a ride with a crow! Unfortunately for this kitty, your apartment, where you were just sleeping, is not easy to get to. Therefore making it your main mission to return the kitty to its peaceful slumber.

The levels of the game are built strategically to complement the kitty’s increasing abilities. Starting from roaming the streets, before pushing through tiny gaps and climbing up walls. This of course does not come naturally, you do have to work for the pleasure of scaling rooftops and cars. But, do not forget that in order to have the power to do this, fish must be consumed!

This picture shows the kitty climbing on the green vine up the building. There are two choices directly below the kitty saying "jump" or "drop".
Kitty likes to scale!

Of course, if you were to follow the linear approach to the game, then it would be over quicker than you think. However, the beauty of this game comes in the side quests and other activities that keep you busy. A fun example of this is doing what a cat does best, cause havoc! The simplicity of pushing jars off shelves in a shop to annoy the shopkeeper or pushing plant pots to destroy them. Or even using bait to pounce on your prey. There is far more fun to have than the story itself.

This would not be a game about a cat if we did not talk about the natural enemies of kitties. Firstly, there is the enemy that is the most natural, the dog. The game uses dogs to stop the player from going into certain areas of the game. This may be because this area may lead to nothing, or this may be because you needs to use your wits. As they do say in this argument, cats are naturally smarter. And that’s what they do, as you can use bones to distract to ensure you are able to pass in peace.

A Drenched Cat!

Secondly, the next enemy that is used within the game is water. Again you need to use your smart cat wits to manoeuvre, as sometimes they will block your path. This is where the platform element of the game is important, and it does not matter if you fall off. As cats always land on their feet. Thankfully, there are also plenty of opportunities to make friends. These are a variety of different animals, that offer a mutually beneficial friendship where you help one another out.

Graphics & Audio

The best way to describe the feel of Little Kitty, Big City is that it is wholesome. The graphics add to this feel. It creates that warm and cosy feeling. I think the game captures perfectly the Japanese metropolitan feel that they were going for. Thankfully, the game is also not too taxing on your PC, meaning that more people can enjoy it. Which, so far, the reviews show. One of the best parts of the game is of course the customisation. How can you make playing as a cat even better? By making him or her wear a cactus hat.

This is a photograph of a kitty travelling through space. There is multiple different colours in a swirl motion. The racoon has also said "And let me know if it works!"
Time to become a space traveller!

I honestly believe that this is the perfect game to switch off from. It is the perfect game to end a long day with, just causing havoc. And in complete honesty, who doesn’t want to be a cat?


The longevity of the game is determined by what you make of the game. The linear approach itself could be finished within 4 hours, but it is the rest that truly makes it a great game. I believe that people will play the game just for the feel of the game. The fact it gives you that cosy and warm feeling. And again, that question of who doesn’t want to be a cat. Regardless of how short the game is itself, people will continuously play.

Final Thoughts

I think you can tell, but I enjoyed this game. And it has been a pleasure to be able to write this review. I implore you to give Little Kitty, Big City a go yourself and let me know below your thoughts and feelings. The price of the game does not put you off, and I honestly will enjoy creating and causing havoc.

It is with all of this in mind that I will be awarding Little Kitty, Big City with the Thumb Culture Platinum Award. I can’t wait to see what Double Dagger Studios have next in store.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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