Where Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth End?

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After PlayStation’s State of Play closed out with some amazing scenes from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy veteran and Rebirth Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed which point in the story the second game in the Remake series will finish on. And you may want to have your box of tissues and comfort blanket ready.

I’m Not Ready To Relive That Scene

The State of Play revealed plenty of fresh information for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This included some of the locales we’ll be visiting, party members we’ll be meeting (including my personal favourite, Vincent Valentine) and enemies we will be facing off against. Much like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, I’m sure there will be some great new additions. But seeing the return of Costa Del Sol, the Midgar Zolom, The Gold Saucer and The Weapons was a sight to behold.

A screenshot from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth showing Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie, Cait Sith and Cloud standing in a darkened candle lit room facing Vincent Valentine.
Seems I’m not the only Vincent who hates being awoken.

But perhaps the biggest reveal wasn’t mentioned at the State of Play. In fact, it was revealed over on The PlayStation Blog. When asked what point Final Fantasy VII Rebirth take us up to, Nomura revealed that Rebirth would take us up to “The Forgotten Capital”. Basically, we’ll be ending on that scene. You know the one. However, it should be noted that the Remake series is all about fighting fate, and things won’t play out exactly as they did in the original. Does this mean we won’t have to witness it again, or will they double-bluff us by making us think we won’t? Only time will tell. After all, it’s not like Remake didn’t set a precedent for characters surviving events they didn’t originally.

The World Will Be Saved, But Will You?

Undoubtedly, where Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will end was the biggest reveal. But in my opinion, it wasn’t the most exciting. As mentioned above, the trailer shows new locales, party members and enemies. But it also seemingly confirms something we’ve all wondered. Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth be a more open-world experience? While there is no confirmation of a world map akin to the original, the trailer did show the party traversing via a Chocobo and the Buggy. Conversely, the PlayStation Blog does mention “open areas”. Though Director Naoki Hamaguchi does mention that the team “put a lot of emphasis on exploration-focused game design”. Again, only time will tell, but I think it’s a safe assumption that Rebirth will be a far more open game than it’s predecessor.

A screenshot from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth showing buggy driving though a rocky plane with a mountain in the background. In the top is a compass to guide the player, in the bottom left is controls for the buggy.
Eight Wheels Are Better Than Four

All-in-all, the new trailer gave us a lot of information. Way more than I’ve gone into here. You should definitely read the blog as well as watch the trailer linked below. If you’re excited to play Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the good news is you won’t have to wait long.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be launching on February the 29th 2024 for the PlayStation 5.

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