Quantum Error Next Gen Immersion Trailer

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Teamkill Media have posted a link to a new trailer for their game Quantum Error on their Twitter profile.

Quantum Error – Feel The Flames

The trailer, which you can watch below, is hosted over on the Official PlayStation YouTube Channel. Titled the “Next Gen Immersion Trailer” it shows off some impressive visuals which players will be able to enjoy in 4K at 60 frames per second.

It also does a good job of showing off the exclusive immersive features on the PS5 controller.

DualSense Features

With Haptic Feedback players will feel the roar of the fire and feel the tools of the firefighter. The use of the adaptive triggers will let players feel the pull and punch of their actions.

Using the R2 and L2 triggers it is possible to perform CPR. Also pairing this adaptive trigger use with the controller microphone players can even administer breaths by blowing into the DualSense. Further enhancing the experience is built in 3D audio thanks to the Tempest Engine of the PlayStation 5. So the best way to play this Cosmic-Horror First Person Shooter will be with a headset.

Quantum Error is due to be released on Nov 3rd on PS5 and PC.

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