Train Sim World 3 Is Out Now

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Time to get your train conductor hat back on as Train Sim World 3 is released today. So get ready to master the machine and brave the elements.

Its Time To Choo Choo Again

Dovetail Games today released its latest in the simulation world of games with Train Sim World 3. It’s been released on the Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Series X/S, and on PC through Steam and the Epic Games store. Train Sim World 3 continues to break new ground in realism with new weather dynamics, longer routes, and a dedicated Training Center designed for new and experienced players alike.

From today, all players will be able to relish in the challenge of operating through unexpected conditions, with dynamic weather now having a significant impact on locomotive handling and responsiveness. As a result, the all-new Training Center might be the first stop for those wanting to experience adverse weather in a safe environment, with a circular test track and plentiful sidings and points available to practise on in any of the game’s featured locomotives and units.

The three core routes include California’s Cajon Pass, known for its lengthy freight trains; the high-speed 280 km/h Kassel-Würzburg route in Germany; an extended version of England’s Southeastern Highspeed between London St Pancras and Ashford International and the all-new Training Center. The Deluxe Edition also bundles an improved version of the popular Spirit of Steam add-on from Train Sim World 2, bringing players the experience of operating electric, diesel and steam trains all in one release. There really is something for everyone.

Today’s Destination Is Here.

You also get to customize through both the livery editor and scenario planner. Allowing custom paint jobs and self-made scenarios to be made and uploaded to the Creators Club. Here, players can share their creations and download the work of others, fuelling the creative passion of railfans to customise the look of their fleet of locomotives. Those with less time to spend on works of art or scenario planning can instead jump straight into Quick-Play mode which allows the game to select a route and scenario that has not yet been completed, either more or less than 30 minutes long.

Train Sim World 3 looks absolutely stunning and is a must for any train enthusiast.

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