Evercade Giga Cart Announced

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Hot on the heels of the new features released in their April firmware update, Evercade have announced that a new cartridge type, known as the Giga Cart is set to join the lineup.

Evercade Giga Cart – Bigger And Better

2 of these Giga cartridges are set to hit the market in 2024 and upon release will have a RRP of £22.49/€24.99/$24.99.

evercade 2024 roadmap timeline showing a schedule for product reveals
retro roadmap

Announced via their blog, Evercade has given some interesting details on what retro gaming enthusiasts should expect.

More Modern Retro

Giga Cart has been designed specifically to enable the release of larger more modern games. The games that will be featured will be mostly original CD release games. Does this mean we can expect some more ambitious PlayStation 1 games to arrive on the retro console? Let’s hope so!

The new cartridges will be identical in size and shape to the currently available carts but will have increased storage capacity, facilitating “these more demanding titles” as the blog post puts it.

an array of evercade cartridges and booklets spread out on a white surface
carts, carts, carts

In detailing how the increased cost of manufacturing the beefier cartridges has a knock on effect on the retail cost, Evercade believe they have hit the right balance by offering value for money with higher quality games being offered.

Look for the Giga Logo

Once in the wild the Giga Carts can easily be identified by the new logo adorning the front of the box. Just like the current cartridges these new carts will be compatible with not the Evercade systems but also with their sister brand the Super Pocket Devices.

A digital render of the outter box of the evercade giga cartridge showing a silver GIGA CART logo on the top right
hologram logo?

We look forward to hearing more updates and seeing that exciting roadmap of reveals uncovered.

What games are you keeping your retro thumbs crossed for?

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