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Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a simulation game of the beloved leisure activity/sport just as the title suggests. And it is the follow-up to 2018’s Ultimate Fishing Simulator. I felt from the get-go it was a faithful version of fishing perhaps to a fault. I have only experienced fishing once in real life once when I was a kid with my poor uncle and as a minor part of video games. Using fishing as the sole gameplay activity hooked my attention from the start and the experience didn’t disappoint.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 comes from developer MasterCode (Fishing Adventure) and Publisher Ultimate Games (Ultimate Fishing Simulator). The game is available now in early access on Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Xbox S/X and Windows.

Will Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 reel you in?

I went into Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 not sure what I would think but was pleasantly surprised. Just for the halibut feel free to tell the TC team and me what you thought in the comments.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 puts you in the first-person perspective of a new fisher with some starting equipment. After learning the ropes the game is very hands-off, leaving you to your own devices. So far, there are several fishing areas based on different environments from around the world. I found the settings to be very relaxing, much like I imagine real-life fishing to be, making this laid-back game very engaging.

Also, like real-life fishing, there is a strong sense of accomplishment when reeling in a tricky catch. UFS2 does at times leave me feeling like it crosses into feeling too realistic with long waits with no bites where even the beautiful environments aren’t enough to keep you from feeling bored.

They’re not getting away this time

I found that UFS2 does have a lot more going on below the surface than I initially thought. The different locations come with various types of fish each lured in different ways. The developer’s choice to reward more XP for releasing your catch was a nice one for the real-world message it sends. Then use your hard-earned XP and cash to invest in skills and numerous new items/equipment that helped a lot in finding the style of play that best suits you.

While I didn’t get much first-hand experience yet, UFS2 does have an online mode. You can chat with other players and see their catches, giving an idea of how you measure up. As well to that there are online tournaments to really go head to head with other players if solo fishing isn’t the place for you at the time.

My time with UFS2 did have moments of frustration with some glitches. A not insignificant amount of time was spent trying to have the fishing line respond to find it had glitched into rocks, plant life etc. The fish at times when obviously appearing to be caught would glitch out and swim endlessly in circles which was a dampener on the experience.

Admiring my catch before releasing them back to the water

Graphics & Audio

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 is a lovely-looking game from the get-go. And can be made better with adjustable settings from resolution to texture quality, even shadows on the water. Each map comes with several fishing spots where the environment looks great. Both above and below the water surface there is a lot of detail in the setting from plants and animals to the environment affecting your fishing experience. While the game is beautiful to look at there are some glitches and bugs such as rocks underwater not having been rendered which can lead to some frustration.

One of my favourite parts about UFS2 was how well it sounds throughout playing. Being in a remote area, the only sounds came from you and the nature around you. This made playing feel very tranquil and immersive with the fishing experience. I found the sounds underwater to be especially well done, feeling realistic and going hand in hand with the gameplay. The peacefulness of waiting for a bite to the tempo of reeling in a feisty fish was all done very well.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 does offer many hours of gameplay, especially for those existing fans of fishing. The game gives back what you put in from a relaxing experience depending on what floats your boat at the time. And of course, the online aspect can add to the experience and time spent playing. Then for the completionists and trophy hunters out there, the PC version comes with 21 achievements.

Final Thoughts

I had a blast playing Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2, surprising as I have never been interested in fishing in real life. The game does a really good job with the tranquillity of the activity and making it engaging. Despite the gameplay and visual bugs, UFS2 looks and sounds great. I almost as if actually being there plus gives a sense of accomplishment.

The variety available from locations to equipment and more delivered a solid amount of content. As well as single-player and online giving plenty of content to get a hook into you. I won’t be fishing in real life anytime soon but I do plan to play some more of the game.

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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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