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Developed by EastAsiaSoft and Solluco, SokoFrog is a pushing-puzzle game that was originally released on Steam in December 2022. However, it has recently become available on more platforms on April 10, 2024. It currently retails for £4.49 and is available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Hopping to Freedom in SokoFrog

Have you tried this frog-tastic pushing-puzzle game? and how many frog puns can you find in this review?

The first level in SokoFrog. It shows the tutorial on the right to move the frog as well as a short level to the level. The level is grassy with tall hedges. The frog is pink.
And so our froggy adventure begins…


SokoFrog is a colorful top-down puzzle-pushing pixel art adventure. You play as a cute frog, trying to navigate and hop through the levels by unlocking the gates. It’s a take on the Sokoban puzzle games released in Japan in 1982.

There are five different themes with different gameplay mechanics to increase the difficulty as you go on your journey. For example, the ice levels include extra slippery floors, resulting in potentially dropping the special block in water or through an ice hole if you don’t plan accordingly.

There are 150 levels, with the first 100 having different themes and the last 50 combining several of the gameplay mechanics in each level, increasing the challenge.

You can change your little frog friend’s skin in the main menu, and unlock more skins as through the levels. There are a total of 18 different types of froggies.

A menu in SokoFrog where you can select what frog skin to be during your gameplay. There is a variety of colourful frogs, from green, blue, pink, yellow and red. There are 13 locked skins.
All the froggy skins!

Players can easily control the frog using the directional buttons or the thumbstick and can quickly restart the level by pressing the R-button.

The Steam version comes with 100 achievements but this is only for completing each level, and there are no special achievements for messing up or fun easter eggs that could have been included.

There is no back story or plot, just frog and escape.

Graphics & Audio

As mentioned in the title, SokoFrog was played on the Switch and ran smoothly. The game was comfortable in handheld or docked, however, the maps felt quite small, wishing there was a zoom-in button. The pixel art style is delightful having a frog character is a refreshing take on the Sokoban puzzle game genre.

The fire level in SokoFrog. The whole area is dark and only the frog emits light.
“Can we get the headlights turned on?…Thank you”

There isn’t much to discuss regarding the soundtrack as it’s a short track on loop, so it becomes white noise after 10 minutes. Having the volume off wouldn’t enhance or change your experience. I would have loved more themed tracks, especially when reaching the other theme levels.


Most experienced players will find that they can complete the first 100 levels in about 2 hours. The extra 50 levels are slightly more challenging but would take an extra hour or less.

A pink frog in a beach themed level. There are plam trees and a sandy shore.
The Froggy Anime Beach Episode!

Once you’ve played through the game, there isn’t much to bring you back to replay it. A few select players may want to personally challenge themselves with speedruns or by playing through all the levels without ever using the restart button.

Final Thoughts

SokoFrog  is a toadally fun, short, and sweet game. The levels are complex enough to keep you interested without being frustrating.  It would work well with younger audiences or players just getting into puzzle games, as more experienced gamers might not feel challenged enough.  The level designs are cute with their pixel art charm and the variety of game mechanics is refreshing. Whilst I wish there were more hidden levels, easter eggs, and a wider range of music tracks, the overall experience is enjoyable in its current form.

SokuFrog gets a Thumb Culture Gold Award from me, as the game is as good as it gets but not an essential buy. While it may not have a deep and ribbeting story, it is a solid puzzle game and is not a major kermit-ment for being less than a cup of coffee.

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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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