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Ever wanted to start your very own virtual Technology based business? Well, now you can with Tech Corp! Currently in Early Access on Steam, Developed by Mardonpol Inc and being published by 2tainment GmbH. Tech Corp takes you from the early ’90s to present day and gives you control of just about every aspect of running your very own potential Tech Giant!

A Blank Canvas.


After giving a name to your Tech Startup, your next decision is the country/region you first start out in. Each region of the map presents a different technology requirement and demand.

Once in your startup office, you begin by furnishing it with desks and rest areas. Then start about recruiting staff from Sales Executives to Engineers, Programmers to Research and Marketers. All with their own stats from the ability to endurance and of course their salary.

The number of options that open up to you for the direction you want to take your fledgeling corporation in is mind-blowing. You can initially take software contracts to earn money, then as the cash starts to rolls in, begin researching components to create your own products, from a selection of Audio, Visual and Utility designs.

It’s not long before you’re building your own computers, phones and MP3 players. Installed with your very own operating system and software, Gaming and Music stores, Online hosting and Cloud storage. The attention to the depth of creation options is every tycoon gamers dream come true!

As with every Early access game, it does come with a few bugs and teething problems, which are being worked on by the development team. One particular bug I felt plagued by, was when naming products or services in the office screen, certain keystrokes acted like a shortcut to a window. When trying to type the name of your product, you couldn’t without the game-opening a new window over the top. Also, occasionally the game would unpause itself.

Keeping the workforce busy.


The graphics are for the most part easy on the eye, the Menu and UI could use some work during development to make it a little easier to read and navigate. However, I do Love the customization options when creating a product and it’s box art, simple options but effective.

I give to you the KevCam…


Sound is of a standard tycoon game quality, the music you’ll either enjoy or mute to enjoy your own, Not much else for me to add here.


If tycoon and micromanagement games are your thing, then you’re in for a real treat, getting lost in the menus and the various options for product and services offerings, not to mention micro-managing every detail of your business.

If however, you’re new to the genre or only dabble I fear you may be put off by the sheer amount of work involved at times. Although automation options for areas of the game are being worked on, at times it seems like you never stop to breath. Accepting and completing contracts, making sure your workers aren’t idle or needing to take a break from overworking. Did you remember to check that window to see if you’ve been offered a contract for some spare server space?

No longer the little start-up in your parent’s basement.


Tech Corp definitely shows potential, I’ve never seen so many options and choices in a tycoon game before. But, I can’t quite decide if that’s a good or a bad thing. Although I love the customisation options, the work involved in monitoring all the different areas of your corporation, leave me feeling like playing the game is less of an escape and more like, well, work.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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