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subROV: Underwater Discoveries is all about the ocean, a fascinating and mysterious thing, as unfathomable as it is enormous. As long as humans have been telling stories, they’ve spoken of the ocean and its murky depths. Distant. Unknowable. Well, now you can see what all the fuss is about, and enjoy a brilliant simulator experience while you’re at it.

Rove the aquatic depths with subROV!

Diving into subROV is a wonderful experience, almost as satisfying as diving into the comment section. Like you should. *cough* Hint *cough*. Flagrant calls for comments aside, there are some really fantastic points about this game that you are going to want to hear about. So buckle up! We’re going in.


Jumping in at the deep end, subROV is a game about piloting remote-operated submarines in order to complete scientific investigations into the watery depths of the ocean. As a simulator game, subROV makes a point to provide accurate and extensive controls with which you can operate your submarine. Boy do they deliver!

Take control of your time in subROV.

Now, since this is just a hair’s breadth from insanely complicated, the game provides a wonderful tutorial that walks you through a mission and builds up the fundamentals that you will need to pilot your sub. This fantastic tutorial is highly effective and faster than I had any right to, I was piloting my sub with ease.

I learned that flipping between your different displays is essential to properly navigate, and the effect is quite spectacular. Before I knew it, I felt like a real sub-pilot, quickly flicking from screen to screen to ensure that my mission goes smoothly. In fact, subROV did such a good job of building a strong atmosphere that I soon lost myself in the game.

Once you finish each mission, you return to the menu display which allows you to select a new mission or have a look through the information you have on various elements of your equipment and more.

A great menu for a great game.

So, even if you know next to nothing about remote-operated subs, you can learn while you play.

Graphics & Audio

I’m going to cut right to the chase. SubROV isn’t going to be the prettiest game you’ve ever played. However, it doesn’t need to be. The game sets out to create a very specific experience, and every visual element of that experience is executed perfectly.

The menu screens are elegant, clinical, and precise. Exactly what you would expect of a scientific mission, and they display information very well, which made it fun for me to read up on everything from my research vessel to the TMS.

Learn all about your majestic vessel.

Beyond that, the main gameplay is an ambitious combination of displays. The graphical style of the game makes each distinct and easy to interact with. Not only does this make the experience far more comprehensive, but it still allows for some incredible views.

The sound design only serves to add to the experience of subROV. The sounds work brilliantly to bring you into the role of a remote pilot. The gentle sounds of waves splashing against your explorer. The pressure of the water around you creates alien sounds in the deep.

It may not be central to the play experience, but the sound design of subROV is well executed. What’s more, it did plenty to elevate my experience while I played.


Honestly, I think the time that I am going to spend with this game is going to be limited. However, I can see how this game would keep pulling its players back. The execution of subROV is incredible, so I’ll still dip in now and again to visit the ocean blue.

Gaze upon the glory of the deep!

But, for those truly passionate explorers of the deep, I can think of no better way to spend your time. After all, you can live out your dreams and pilot your own submarine in subROV.

Final Thoughts

There are few games that I would say skillfully fulfil every element and expectation of their genre, but subROV is absolutely one of those rare few. From the carefully designed and implemented control scheme to the visual experience, the game creates a wonderful experience. For that reason, I am happy to present subROV with the Thumb Culture Gold Award.


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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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