Startup Panic Review – Don’t Panic Yet

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From the developer, Algorocks and publisher Tinybuild games come Startup panic. Take over the world, well so to speak in this great little start-up game. Startup your own business and evolve into the worlds biggest company by hiring staff and kicking the competition where it hurts.

Whatever you do – Don’t Panic!

After playing Startup Panic I found myself getting lost, not panicky! Have you had the chance to get your hands on this title yet? Be sure to let me know how you are getting on in the comments below!


Startup a new business and learn to take control. Build your company up from the ground and hire staff to take the majority share of the market. In Startup panic, the aim is to develop an app that brings traffic, the more traffic, the more income you generate. Use your skills to hire new people with perfect abilities, so they can develop each section of the app to bring more and more people along.

Upgrade your office and keep the employees happy and well-motivated, either give them a better salary or take them on a vacation for a few days to relax. It’s very easy to get lost in the game and time flies by while your playing. The in-game tutorial will help you along a lot and is full of helpful tips. If you remember when Microsoft word had the little paper clip that gave you hints, well he’s back in Startup panic.

You’ll have a few obstacles to overcome as you play, from your competitors hiring hackers to YouTubers leaving bad reviews and making sure their followers follow suit and turn away from your app. You will also have a few hints to help you along the way, such as making sure all the programmes you have written are around a grade 7 otherwise you’ll fail the competition you are entered in to.

Graphics & Audio

Playing Startup Panic on the PC was great and can confirm it’s not a graphical masterpiece. However, that is not what the game is intended to be. Its a great indie game with old-school graphics and a very simple interface. I had no issues what so ever while playing this game, other than I couldn’t make enough money to keep my business afloat.


I played Startup Panic for around 7 hours but you can keep going and going. You have a big list of programmes to develop for your app, and you can keep upgrading your office and hiring new employees with better skill levels, or take the time to train the employees you hired at the start and let them grow along with the business.

Final Thoughts

Startup Panic is a great little game to play, I’m enjoyed playing Startup Panic and time seemed to fly while I was playing. I had to start again once or twice but that was from my own doing as I hired many people to fast and you have a few obstacles to overcome as you progress. the game makes your competition feel scared that you’re developing fast and they hire a few hackers to hack your app so you have to rewrite the programme to make sure you don’t lose too many users. I found making sure you had there correct skilled easy enough to follow but the contract work was somewhat hard to do especially when you don’t have any employees for the first part of the game.

Disclaimer: A code was received to write this review.

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