PS Plus July 2024 Monthly Games

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The PS Plus July 2024 Monthly Games are now available for all subscribers of the PlayStation subscription service. Remember that even if you don’t plan to play these games now you should still add them to your library so you can check them out at any time (as long as you have an active sub).

Borderlands 3 – PS5/PS4

Genre: Shooter

Longevity: 45hrs+ | Trophies: 45 (incl Platinum)

Metacritic: 78 (91 PS5) | OpenCritic: 81

Release: 13th Sept 2019

Shoot and loot your way through a mayhem-fueled adventure. At the hard edge of the galaxy lies a group of planets ruthlessly exploited by militarized corporations, and brimming with loot and violence. This is your home – the Borderlands. Now, a crazed cult known as The Children of the Vault has emerged and is spreading like an interstellar plague. Only you have the allies and arsenal to take them down. Play as one of four all-new, deeply customizable Vault Hunters – the ultimate treasure-seeking badasses of the Borderlands. Customize your Vault Hunter with tons of personalization options, and use their distinct skill trees to tailor abilities to your preferred playstyle. Play with anyone at any time online or in split-screen co-op, regardless of your level or mission progress. Take down enemies and challenges as a team, but reap rewards that are yours alone – no one misses out on loot.

NHL 24 – PS5/PS4

Genre: Sports

Longevity: 100hrs+ | Trophies: 51 (incl Platinum)

Metacritic: 71 | OpenCritic: 71

Release: 6th Oct 2023

Feel the intensity of hockey, as EA Sports NHL 24 brings you closer to authentic on-ice action with a wealth of new game features and upgraded modes. The new Exhaust Engine recreates the rush and fatigue of high-pressure games, rewarding extended offensive play with game-changing effects. Refreshed Total Control Skill Moves and a revamped Vision Passing System broaden your moment-to-moment strategies and allow you to execute them with complete precision. Build your NHL 24 Ultimate Team and recreate moments from classic matches and recent highlights in HUT Moments, and explore the expanded World of Chel, which offers cross-play, a redesigned EASHL and much more.

Among Us – PS5/PS4

Genre: Strategy

Longevity: 10hrs+ | Trophies: 34 (incl Platinum)

Metacritic: 71 | OpenCritic: 71

Release: 14th Dec 2021

Use teamwork, persuasion and maybe even betrayal in this unique online party game… in space! Prepare for departure, but beware the Impostor! Complete tasks to hold your spaceship together and return to civilization, but keep an eye out as one or more random players among the crew are Impostors determined to sabotage the ship and kill everyone. It’s up to the remaining humans to finish their tasks and identify the Impostors to eject them into the abyss. But watch out! The Impostors will use every trick in the book to convince everyone they’re a crewmate, so don’t believe everything you hear. Get your alibi straight or else you might be the one wrongfully ejected!

So go grab your PS Plus July 2024 Monthly Games on PS5 and PS4 and have some fun.

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