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Fix it – The Handyman Simulator is a job simulator game from German developers VIS Games released on 4th June 2024 on PC. VIS games have made a name for themselves in creating many types of simulator games spanning many job types from bus drivers to long-distance lorry drivers, and tram drivers. I was given a chance to test out my DIY skills by playing this interesting-looking game.

A Few Screws Short of a Toolbox

This game is one of many in the simulator genre with just about every job accounted for. These games let you try many jobs out there allowing you to live the dream. Are you a fan of these types of simulator games?

A stylish modern furnished room

I had played some from this developer before. One of the more memorable ones was Autobahn Police Simulator 3. Let us know what simulator games you have enjoyed in the comments below.


Getting started in the world of being successful can be daunting. Lucky for you there’s a handy (forgive the pun) tutorial to guide you through the basics. You are given enough money to buy a mode of transportation in the form of a pickup truck to help you traverse the rural European town you call home. You are also given a base of operations, which is more like a storefront. I’m unfamiliar with handymen having stores, but this game is based in a Country unfamiliar to me. It may be commonplace in a place like where this game is set.

A blue pickup truck is parked on a street waiting to be loaded up with items.
Time to load up and Fix It

The store itself is small with just a counter with a PC to allow you to order items needed to complete handyman jobs. Some items will be delivered to a designated place outside of the store. Some items will although go straight into your pockets/inventory. Tools and other items can also be sourced at the local DIY store a short distance away. Job orders will appear on the PC for you to select at your leisure and show you the location and how much you’ll get paid.

Getting Started

It starts you off easy with some bathroom tile removal jobs, which surprisingly, pay a decent wage. As you progress through the jobs on offer they do become more challenging. Each Job  will show you the tools necessary to complete the job.

For one job, I needed a crowbar. With the tool acquired from the DIY store, I set off to the house where the work is needed. Upon entering it took little time to find the room with the titles where I followed instructions. I had to whack the tiles off the walls using a crowbar. A progress bar will show how far you are from completing the task. In most cases, the progress bar goal was reached before finishing the room and the remaining titles would disappear. Job done!

an image showing a toilet in a bath room with the words "The Job was Successfully Completed" in front of it
It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it

My favourite jobs were the installation of items. These ranged from washing machines, toilets, shelving, and more. These required more interaction then just whacking with a tool. Each job is a simple version of how you’d tackle the jobs in real life.

By no means should you try to follow these examples at home. For these installation tasks, it’s a case of placing the item in the house in the designated place and then clicking the bolts until they are tightened. No knowledge of plumbing or carpentry is required as the game’s camera will focus on which part needs attention. The most challenging thing about the game is carrying items as the smallest knock will cause you to drop them to the floor.

Graphics & Audio

Upon entering the world of Fix it – The Handyman Simulator your initial reaction is that the town you find yourself in looks amazing. You find yourself in a rural town at the foot of some snow-topped mountains. You can almost feel the cold air as you imagine breathing it all in.

The game however lacks the polished graphics of most games that have been released since the PS2 era of games. The world looks and feels like you are playing a game design student’s effort at making their first world. The pedestrians are nightmare fuel design wise, are not animated that well and can just pass through cars. Cars seem like they are on rails and stop for no man or vehicle. The background is just an image with no perspective. In contrast, some of the interiors of houses are highly detailed with modern furnishings.

A blue pickup truck is parked at the side of a road with a mountainous landscape in the background
A handy sweet ride for all I can buy

The music throughout the game is just some generic soft rock filler music, which to give them credit, is not annoying. The sound effects in the game are passable and nothing was out of place so to speak. Every sound from the cars, tools, and effects, when you drop something, goes hand in hand with the actual below-par gameplay.


There are many jobs to complete in this town and as you advance they get more challenging. There’s a good chance you’ll lose track of time going from place to place and organising inventory. After a while of playing the game, I lost all sense of time in doing the routine and making sure I did a good job.

A picture of showing a crowbar hitting a tiled wall removing the tiles
Sometimes the best method is to just whack it

The variety of jobs and the goal of earning enough money to buy more tools and vehicles makes this a game that keeps on giving.

Final Thoughts

Fix It – The Handyman Simulator sets out to give you what you want, that is if you wanted a game that allowed you to go from place to place fixing things as a Handyman should. Throw in some inventory management, buying of stock, vehicular travel, and even a populated world to travel around and you’ve got a game that excels over other simulators in many ways.

I cannot tell if these games are poorly made on purpose to fit in some kind of genre of games that some may love. I didn’t enjoy my time with Fix It – The Handyman Simulator. The lack of attention given to everything in the game and how it seemed like you were playing a PS1 game made for a bad experience. 

I award Fix It – The Handyman Simulator Thumb Cultures Bronze Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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