Our Favourite Video Game Easter Eggs

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Well Easter is here and some of the team here at Thumb Culture are sharing their Easter Eggs. No not the chocolate kind… Our favourite Video Game Easter Eggs.

Video Game Easter Eggs – The Plot Chickens

How many of these were you already aware of? Let us know in the comments what your favourite Video Game Easter Egg is.

The Last Of Us Tease – Tony

Originally The Last of Us was to be revealed in July 2011. The development team on Uncharted 3 created a little link to the upcoming Naughty Dog game during development of Nathan Drakes 3rd adventure on PS3. With Uncharted 3 launching in Nov 2011, The Last Of Us would then be common knowledge.

However when the reveal of The Last Of Us got pushed to December of that year, Uncharted 3 was already in players hands with the Easter Egg still in place. The team had forgotten to go back and remove it.

A newspaper on the end of a bar in the opening scene of Uncharted 3 with headline: "Scientists are still struggling to understand deadly fungus". An easter egg for The Last Of Us
check out that headline!

To experience for yourself – at the beginning of the game following the bar brawl go to the end of the bar and check out the headline on the newspaper that is laying there.

Lego Dimensions Red Dwarf Nod – Jason

Being big fans of the cult classic comedy Red Dwarf, the team at British studio TT Games always wanted to feature the show in some way.

What better way than to build the unmistakable scene with lego bricks? The attention to detail would be appreciated by fans of the show.

A Red Dwarf Free Play room created in Lego Dimensions.
credit: PlayStation Blog

To experience this Easter Egg yourself go to the level – Jewellery Tomfoolery, in the Fantastic Beasts Story Pack:

  • Make sure you have the TARDIS built
  • Load into level three
  • Walk to the right and observe the TARDIS Spot
  • Use the TARDIS on the TARDIS Spot to enter the Red Dwarf Free Play Area

GameCube Boot Screen – Nate

This one is not in a game but rather on the boot up screen of a console. That’s right Nintendo’s little purple cube that played teeny tiny DVD’s also played some different jingles during the logo animation if you had the knowhow, and extra controllers to do so.

To experience the following on the boot screen:

  1. Hold the Z button on one controller
  2. Hold the Z button on all four controllers

Ocarina Of Time Portrait – Mike

The Mario and Zelda titles are some of the most revered in all of video game history. In The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time the loveable moustached platforming hero makes an appearance as a portrait on the wall inside Hyrule Castle. The character portraits are from N64 game – Mario64.

screenshot from a scene in Zelda game Ocarina Of Time with portraits of Mario characters on the wall of a castle
credit: zeldadungeon

To find this Easter Egg yourself take a peek through the window in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle just before you talk to Zelda.

N46….. Ok who’s up for some GoldenEye couch co-op deathmatch?

Pom in Tevi – Ruddy

Young adventurer Pom from Cuisineer makes an appearance as a cute plushie in the Indie action adventure Tevi. You’ll find this Easter Egg for yourself inside Tevi’s favourite Waffle House.

credit: @cloverinari Twitter

As a side note, Tevi also makes a little appearance in food focused action roguelike Cuisineer.

Heisenberg in A Story About My Uncle – Didi

Walter White is one of the most iconic, and beloved characters ever. His Heisenberg portrait from the Breaking Bad Tv show makes an appearance on a notice board in 2014 indie adventure game A Story About My Uncle.

An in-game notice board showing little notes pinned to it. One is a yellow post-it note featuring a drawing of Walter White from Breaking Bad
credit: Dünya’nın En Kötü Adamı (Steam Community)

The little yellow post-it note features Walter in his trademark Heisenberg look complete with sunglasses, black “pork pie” hat, and goatee beard.

Rotten Eggs

We’ve all been there right? Word circulates on the grapevine about a cool Video Game Easter Egg that we just have to try for ourselves, only to find out it wasn’t real.

Have you been a victim of this fowl-play toward gamers?

Call Of Duty Zombies – Tom

Poor Tom from our team spent countless hours of his childhood that he’ll never get back trying to unlock a Ray Gun in Call Of Duty Zombies.

The internet trolls certainly got plenty of clicks and view time on their videos as Tom, camping like a sniper trying in earnest to bag the elusive piece for his loadout.

Ray Gun in Call Of Duty
credit: @Boznean YouTube

Tom please don’t spend your whole Bank Holiday weekend searching these videos just for nostalgia sake haha.

Wishing you all a happy Easter. Have a cracking time gaming and happy egg/trophy/achievement hunting over the holiday.

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