Official F1 2021 Launch – Congratulations To Codemasters and EA!

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Great news readers, today is the official F1 2021 launch day! Those of you who pre-ordered the super-duper pack have been playing for a few days now, maybe longer, just like writer Brian who had the opportunity to get a review out for this for us, check that out here. Brian gave F1 2021 the coveted Thumb Culture Platinum Award, which isn’t handed out lightly on this site!

In excitement for this weekends F1 British Grand Prix, and of course today being the official F1 2021 launch day, Codemasters has released some gameplay footage recorded on the Xbox Series X for you all to see. They have also released some gorgeous shots from the game which you can see below.

It truly is a beautiful game, isn’t it? Seeing all the news and Brian’s review for this game kind of makes me want to play it. That’s odd for me as I am not really an F1 fan, I am more of a MotoGP fan.

Once again congratulations to Codemasters and EA on the launch of F1 2021. Check out the British Grand Prix footage below, then let us know in the comments if you’re playing F1 2021!

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