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Evercade have announced the new features that are arriving alongside the April 2024 firmware update for their Evercade EXP and Evercade VS devices.

The Premium Retro Experience – Evercade

To grab the firmware update do the following on your console:

  1. Go to the Settings Menu (cog top left of main menu)
  2. Click System
  3. Then Install Update

Digital Bookshelf

A new library feature has been added giving avid retro gamers and Evercade collectors the ability to browse the complete cartridge library. Accessed from the new “Library” icon on the left hand side of the home menu of both the VS and EXP devices, this new quality of life improvement is music to our retro ears.

A digital bookshelf library of Evercade cartridges shoing the spines of numerous games for the retro gaming system
look at em…. beautiful!

Delivering a lovely way to display new upcoming releases and also the full catalogue of already available cartridges, a simple click of the R1 button displays only the carts that you own.

How do you add the carts you own? Well that’s simple – just pop the cartridge into your Evercade VS or EXP and it will automatically mark said cartridge as owned.

Evercade cartridge info page for Sunsoft Collection 2 featuring artwork on the right and text info on the left all on a black background
get all that retro info

Other Improvements

Also included in this update are some new themes. Both systems now have access to the same themes (excluding limited edition or model-specific themes such as the Atomic VS theme and the Capcom EXP theme).

If that wasn’t enough some of the back end systems like network connectivity and the cartridge updating facility have been improved for a much improved user experience.

Theme selection menu for the Evercade VS showing available themes to customise the retro console
Blue and Gold… Mega Drive vibes

Full patch notes for each device, including info on fixes and improvements, can be found here:

Evercade EXP

Evercade VS


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