Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon Announced

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Award winning Indie game developer OutOfTheBit have announced their new game – 2D puzzle platformer Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon.

A follow up to their maiden title Full Void (which bagged our Gold Award in our PC Review), Nanuka aims to appeal to a broader audience, offering an immersive platforming adventure to players of all ages.

Out Of The Void, Into Nanuka

Targeting a spring 2025 release the game is planned to initially release on PC, Mac and Linux. This will be followed shortly after by a release on all major consoles.


Inspired by the Sicilian landscape, the journey begins on an island that, while initially portrayed as peaceful and picturesque, soon reveals a tale of magical abilities and a looming disaster that players must strive to avert.

pixelart scene from new game Nanuka inspired by the Sicilian landscape with characters going about their daily lives
life Jim… but not as we know it!

As the adventure and story progresses, the importance and acceptance of diverse races and beliefs will shine through preciously. The story takes players on a journey through diverse regions, each with its own distinct environmental and architectural influences.

New Mechanics

Just like its predecessor, Nanuka features a young teenage protagonist. However, this game introduces combat mechanics that allow players to navigate challenges with a mix of martial arts and environmental puzzles.

don’t mess with the best

The game’s protagonist, a mixed-race teenage girl with a purple belt in karate. She perfectly embodies the spirit of an everyday hero as she courageously faces the mysteries and dangers of her world.

Along the way, numerous enemies will endeavor to block your path and fellow allies will come to your aid as the mystery and secrets behind the planet’s moon begin to unravel.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Nanuka: Secret Of The Shattering Moon below.

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