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Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game is a 7v3 asymmetrical horror game based on the 1988 movie of the same name, releasing on June 4th, 2024, on Steam, Xbox Series S/X and PS5 can Killer Klowns fill that Friday the 13th shaped hole in our hearts?


I love a good Asym game, sinking thousands of hours into dead by daylight, Texas chainsaw massacre, and others. the loss of Friday the 13th the game was a devastating loss to the community, especially for those who relished stalking players in atmospheric maps as the menacing Jason Voorhees, or as a victim evading his pursuit. Thankfully, Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game (mostly) succeeds in being as chaotic and fun, and even more so in some areas.


Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game, or as I’ll be calling it for the majority of this review, Killer Klowns, differentiates itself from other asymmetrical by pumping up the insanity with a 7 vs 3 layout. 3 Klowns and 7 humans. The more players, the more fun right?

Juggling the options

The in game score-board, whoeing the list of escapes.
Escape options

As always the goal of the humans is to escape from the map through a variety of methods. There are 4 escapes to choose from, though in practice the escapes often choose you through a randomized itemization system.

When I say randomized, I mean it. You may find a burger in a locker, a weapon in a fridge, or even stumble upon an exit right after spawning, conveniently located next to both escape items like their presents under a tree. Each escape uses a different combination of items, the bridge escape requires a key, melee weapon, and patience to not run across and break the bridge for everyone else. The portal requires two spark plugs, the boat requires a gas can and spark plug, and finally, the bunker requires a keycard and gasoline. There is a 5th exit, but I’ll leave that for you to find.

We’ll give you the stick…

A klowntality, a clown is holding a large hammer preparing to hit a human
Scorpion looks a little bit different…

As you may have spotted, there are melee weapons in Killer Klowns, alongside throwable and ranged weapons. These aren’t just there to primarily stun the Klowns like Friday the 13th though, survivors can fully kill a Klown with a sharp weapon by downing them and popping their nose. This isn’t a permanent defeat though, the Klowns will respawn after a short period.

Playing as a survivor in Killer Klowns is heavily luck-based, which may deter the more competitive players. However, for the more casual player, it adds to the fun and unpredictability of matches. Of course, it’s not all luck, a coordinated team of survivors can decimate a team of disorganized Klowns. In a one-on-one situation, the outcome often hinges on the items held by the survivor.

Naturally, fighting isn’t your only option. You can utilize stamina items and manage your sprint bar to run away. There are hiding places on the map, but I rarely found those useful.

If you do fall to the hands of the mischievous Klowns or escape early, you have plenty to keep you entertained. There’s an array of mini-games you can opt to engage in that reduce a timer. Once that timer hits 0 you’re granted an item to either keep, if dead, or give to a player you’re spectating. These items range from energy drinks to an escape key. Not all mini-games take the same time, some are way faster than others, but it’s a welcome addition to keep players always doing something.

A balloon popping retro style mini-game

If you are felled by the Klowns as a human, there is still hope yet. Surviving humans can access the “resurrection machine” to bring every currently dead player back one time.

Klownpocalypse now

The Klown goal is as simple as it gets really, Klowntality (kill) or Cocoon as many people as possible. After 16 cocoons are hooked up Dead By Daylight style, with some stray cocoons hanging around the map, you’ll start an early Klownpocalpyse, triggering a cotton candy cloud that quickly expands and instantly captures and kills anything it touches.

Is this place great or what?

A klown carrying a cocoon
Gotta catch em all

By far my favourite part of Killer Klowns is the maps, the game has launched with a total of 5 fairly unique feeling maps, the constant being the escapes. The variety comes from just how different the vibes of each map are, in one match you’ll be running along the neon-lit pier of an amusement park, and in the next a summer camp filled with foliage and trees.

Klowns R Us

The Klown customizability menu
The Klown customizability menu

Of course, there needs to be a progression system to reward dedicated players and add even more replayability. Killer Klowns has this in the form of unlockable classes for both sides, unlockable abilities and weapons for clowns, and of course, cosmetics. Weapon balancing is a little all over the place at the moment, with some Klown weapons clearly outshining others.

Circus of bugs

As with most games of this time, this section is where it all sort of falls apart. I can’t go one game of Killer Klowns without experiencing a Myriad of bugs. With around 50% of those being game-breaking. Take this screenshot for example where the final player got stuck on the top of a building.

A cocooned player is stuck on a roof, ultimately being forced to leave
Image in question

Sure, it’s funny the first time, but after the 5th it gets pretty old. There are also little issues like skill checks being completely inaccurate resulting in failure and alerting the clowns. It seems every round I play is plagued with issues. I’ve had problems where doors refuse to open, weapons cannot be picked up, teammates cannot be saved and important interactables can’t be interacted with. It’s tiresome and numbs the enjoyment of playing a round, especially when all of your progress, high-intensity kills/escapes can be gone in the blink of an eye through a random disconnect.

Graphics & Sound

the player character looking at the sun
Took me by suprise

Graphically Killer Klowns looks perfect. Cartoonish enough to fit the vibes of the situation and IP, while also looking very impressive in some areas of maps. Sound design was also knocked out of the park, with tense music when enemies are nearby, the subtle opening of a drawer from a survivor, and even silly details like the Klown shoes honking every step they take.


So far I’ve sunk about 20 hours into Killer Klowns. I still see the possibility of countless more, some doubts are beginning to creep in but as of now, I’m still enjoying the game variety. Maps are decently sized so there’s lots of knowledge to gain, and plenty to mess around with.

Final thoughts

Killer Klowns offers an incredibly enjoyable experience that is ultimately marred by game-breaking bugs, constant disconnects, and a general lack of polish. Things such as locking doors not having an animation, and overall jankiness. This prevents Killer Klowns from reaching the heights it should with both the amusing gameplay and quirky IP.

Unfortunately, in this state I have to award Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game the Thumb Culture Bronze Award. I’d love to revisit this review of the game and award it based on the gameplay in the future.

Don’t miss out on the fun completely, but maybe check on the state of the game in a few months.

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Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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