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Induction is an indie game that centres on using time travel to create time loops, in order to solve mind bending puzzles. Whilst this concept will be familiar to fans of Valves series Portal, it is used in different ways to great effect in Induction, and has caused me to ponder the solution to puzzles for days on end.

You take control of a cube and can move in 4 different directions to push objects around and reach the goal area of that level which appears surprisingly easy at first. However you are swiftly introduced to the key ability of this cube, which is the power to create one clone of your cube that will then play out every action you have performed up to the point you made a clone. The aim then is to manipulate a variety of objects across multiple timelines to proceed into the goal area.

It won’t take long for you to be sat scratching your head in bewilderment at how you are meant to progress, but when you finally crack that puzzle the sense of euphoria is akin to defeating the hardest boss known to gaming. Once you crack that seemingly impossible puzzle you begin to alter your thought process, something that is necessary as the complexity of the puzzles increase at a regular pace. The solution to these puzzles however is purely trial and error. You end up going through a level bolting down all aspects until you suddenly discover the solution. Your final time manipulation tool helps in this endeavour though as you have the ability to rewind or fast forward time.

Aesthetically Induction does a few subtle things which work really well. The design takes a minimalist approach; everything that is movable by the player is defined by thick lines with bold colours, which makes distinguishing platforms very easy, a very important factor given the meticulous planning required to solve a puzzle. The soundtrack for Induction was created by Tim Shiel and is wonderfully ambient, responding to your progress in a very seamless and natural way.

Induction has swiftly become my favourite puzzle game. The concept is so simple yet unbelievably rewarding. It is certainly not for everyone and people who are averse to having no instructions should probably give this one a miss. If, however you are looking for a puzzle game that challenges you further with every level, and you thought the likes of Braid or Portal were far too easy, then Induction will not disappoint.

Induction receives a Thumb Culture Platinum award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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