Golf Club: Wasteland Accolades Trailer

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In a joint press announcement Untold Tales & Demagog Studio, Golf Club Wasteland has released a new accolades trailer.

Golf Club Wasteland is set after most of human life is wiped out. Earth now exists as a planetary golf course. The ultra-rich moved to Mars taking flights back and forwards to Earth for a few holes. A pilot with nowhere to go heads back to Earth feeling homesick and nostalgic. In between holes, he begins piecing together why humanity fell and what part consumerism had to play.

Meanwhile on Mars citizens spend their time listening to music from the 2030s and calling into a radio show to talk about their memories.

I’m pretty sure that green stuff isn’t regulation sand.


Available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox Consoles. As well as Android and PC.

Just a snip-it from our review

The soundtrack in Golf Club: Wasteland is crucial to the experience. For much of the duration of the game, a radio station is playing, with both spoken and musical sections

It has received a lot of positive reviews including our very own Paul who awarded it the Thumb Culture Gold Award in his review. Go ahead and give the full article a read and check out all of Paul’s articles here

The team has also announced that there will be an upcoming sale on all formats of up to 25% off.  The dates for the sale are:-

  • Nintendo Switch (NA + EU) | 15 Oct – 31 Oct 2021
  • Epic (Global) | 15 Oct – 31 Oct 2021
  • Steam 28 Oct | 1 Nov 2021 2021
  • Xbox Games with Gold | 2 Nov – 8 Nov 2021

The details for the Playstation sale are currently being finalized so there is no date at the moment. In the meantime check out the trailer below and let us know if you will be getting Golf Club Wasteland or if you have already.

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