Dying Light: Hellraid DLC Expands With A Little Magic

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Dying Light: Hellraid DLC Expands With A Little Magic. Techland today announced that the Hellraid DLC is getting an update.

Ray Harryhausen would be proud.

Dying Lights Hellraid DLC is getting an update and in that update is some lovely new free content. The update adds a whole new map section and a challenging new quest. Unlocking a brand new magic skill. You will be able to download the new update with additional content across all platforms right now.

You will venture into a new map section in The Mysterious Portal. To take on the challenge of a difficult quest that offers the rewards of a new weapon and a new skill. Some magic. To obtain this magical reward you must complete the quest in a single run. Because failing for so so will reset the whole run and you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Upon completing the quest you will receive the Fire Wand. A magical weapon that shoots fireballs and sets enemies on fire. You can also unlock the Wand Mastery skill. There will also be three new potions to help you on your quest. The Potion of Endurance, The Potion of Power, and The Potion of Speed.

These potions will help reduce enemy damage, increase melee damage by up to 100%, and double the movement speed of your character. Furthermore, the content update will add a new location, the Armory, which will be available only to players who have completed the Imprisonment side quest. This area will be used to display the Crane’s weapons that players can unlock as they progress through the Hellraid ranks.

With Dying Light 2 just around the corner, it’s great that Techland is still pumping out some content for Dying Light which I’m sure is going to please players of the parkour masterpiece.

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