Endzone – A World Apart Massive New Expansion Coming

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Great news, Endzone – A World Apart has had a massive new expansion announced for the game by developers Gentlymad Studios. The expansion is named Prosperity and will bring a ton of new features to Endzone. If you’re not familiar with Endzone – A World Apart, Alfie recently reviewed it on PC. Check out his review here.

The Prosperity expansion is said to contain new buildings, new tech, new scenarios and more in Autumn 2021. Here are some screenshots of the expansion.

Gentlymad Studios have written the below about the upcoming expansion:

After 150 years underground and hidden away from the poisonous surface, the last remaining human survivors of a nuclear apocalypse emerged ready and willing to take back the planet. Of course, starting from scratch isn’t a walk in the park. The remnants of humanity faced many challenges attempting to reboot society — toxic rain, violent sandstorms, and the ever-present threat of radiation, to name but a few. However, thanks to the grit and determination of the human spirit, things are finally looking up for the survivors, and after the struggle comes boundless “Prosperity”! The upcoming update will introduce new materials, new buildings, new challenges, and new adventures to a fresh group of survivors, ready to expand and improve on what their forebears proudly built.

We can look forward to the following features and more:

  • Live your best life: luxury comes with growth and security. Your people will be able to enjoy items like cake, beer, coffee, and soap!
  • Built to last: we can welcome new construction materials such as metal, concrete, sand, and cement to help those buildings withstand the toughest of environmental challenges.
  • Expand your industries: make use of that extra spare time by growing the production capabilities of your colony. All new buildings including aqua farms, concrete factories, and sand huts.
  • New adventures await: test the limits of the next-gen of survivors in three brand-new scenarios.

You can add the expansion to your Steam wish list now on the Steam page here. There’s no word of price just yet. I can’t see it being too much as the game itself isn’t too expensive anyway.

Check out the announcement trailer for the Endzone – A World Apart Prosperity update below.

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