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Holotech Studios are very excited to announce a major shift in their business model with their virtual persona software Animaze. This latest update is great news for those on the free subscription tier, as it aims to improve and expand on the experience.

As of today, users on the free subscription can also use the iPhone Bridge, which uses an iPhone-based face tracking for PC. There is also simple and complex audio-based lip-syncing.

Also, the two paid tiers saw an upgrade including:

  • Avatars
  • Backgrounds
  • Props
  • Emotes
  • Modulated Voice Skins are now where you spend coins.

You can download Animaze now, for free, on the Steam page here.

Of course, if you should stumble upon any issues, or just want to commend the team on a great job, you can do so on their Discord or their Twitter pages.

The team at Holotech are continuing development on Animaze, they’re trying to make a good balance as a place to create personal virtual identities as well as a sustainable business model to help support them, bring in new features and other things such as maintenance. That’s completely understandable.

Check out the update video for this below. Let us know in the comments if you’re a user of Animaze.

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