Endzone: A World Apart Review – It is Chaos Out There!

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Endzone: A World Apart is a post-apocalyptic city builder set around a group of terrorists who blew up nuclear power plants all over the world and plunged the world into chaos. One hundred fifty years later, humanity returns to the surface. Your goal is to build them a new home and ensure their survival in a shattered world. They are threatened by constant radiation, toxic rain, sandstorms, and droughts. The game is developed by German game developers, Gently Mad and published by Assemble Entertainment, and is out now for PC on Steam!


Endzone: A World Apart Settlement


I do enjoy city-builder sims, especially finding one set around a nuclear fallout/apocalypse. As you can probably imagine, your main goal is to build a settlement and make sure your settlers are happy, sounds simple right? But this is where the game stands out for me. The ground is hostile; you can’t just plonk a cabbage field down, so you have to set settlers a task of making the soil fertile and clear it of radiation. You can move in and place your cabbage field down.

It can feel slightly frantic when making sure you have enough builders, settlers doing tasks, settlers doing specific work duties. But overall, it comes together for a delightful experience.  You start the game with minimal resources and a small population, so you have to approach the game with some planning before commencing and building your city. In some cases, I couldn’t keep up with how quickly my population began to increase in such a short period.

The first thing you want to do is put down a jetty near a lake, knock up a cistern and assign a couple of settlers to be water carriers. This is where you can move on to more sophisticated additions to your settlement and where the game really opens up for you and your possibilities are endless. I touched on it before but you can set your settlers tasks to gather materials and search through scrap piles for a particular resource or you can select to have them gather everything!

Once you have your necessities set up, you will need to concentrate on getting as much scrap as possible. This is then used as a building material and can be recycled using recycling huts to be processed into cloth, metal, plastic, and once researched electronics. And you really want your recycling game to be set up quick because cloth is used in every sort of protective gear from standard cloth masks, to carbon masks and radioactive suits.

If you have forgotten, radiation is a constant danger and in some parts annoying but it would be in real life, so ensuring your personal protection is prepared keeps your settlers safe when out completing tasks. I would also highlight that charcoal is another key material to concentrate on important material and is a lot easier to get hold of. Trees are EVERYWHERE! Once fallen, your foresters will replant trees so your supply is constant. Charcoal is used to create protective gear for your settlers and decontamination kits. It is also used for filtering your water in the water towers. It is also worth pointing out that, Gently Mad is playing an active role in Endzone – A World Apart’s continuous development and is taking the opinions of the community on board as well, so I suspect the balancing issues will become fixed over the course of the following few updates.

The detail in Endzone: A World Apart is amazing!

Graphics & Audio

Gently Mad has paid attention to the game’s sound; I love it. The finer details of the NPCs walking and breaking twigs on the floor or wind blowing through the trees makes the game so inviting. The background music is also excellent, with chilled-out vibes. When needs to, it can progress into intense sounds when a drought moves in!

The graphics in Endzone – A World Apart are fantastic, and I like the way the game looks. Zooming in on a building or a settler walking around going about their tasks looks impressive. They are filled with fine details, especially in the environmental effects like rain, fire, and dust storms.

A hostile and unpredictable environment!


I have played a fair amount of time as of writing this and did not get bored. I do load this game up and keep playing and exploring as there is so much to do. There are various modes for you to try out. These range from survival mode, where you can tailor the game settings to suit your needs. Or, Scenarios, where you have a choice of challenging scenarios that specify a different goal.

You can play this game for hours on end, along with the constant hotfixes and additional in-game updates.

Develop and expand your settlement!

Final Thoughts

I love Endzone: A World Apart; I don’t know if you can tell. There are no gripes with it, as it is very well polished. You can get the sense of how much Gently Mad loves this project. As the detail in the buildings as the detail level is phenomenal. Along with their socials, now and then, they will share models of their building upgrades and show them off.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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