Edifier Launches The NeoBuds Pro 2

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From the award-winning manufacturer Edifier, of premium sound systems, personal audio devices, and bookshelf speakers, brings a new device: NeoBuds Pro 2. Let’s look at what these handy Bluetooth earbuds bring to the table.

Two people are stood back to back, resting their heads against the other. The left, taller person is wearing the black NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds, while the right, shorter person is wearing the white NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds.

Wireless & High Quality

Available right now in Black and Ivory on Amazon for £129.99, the NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds offer noise cancelling, Bluetooth connectivity, and fast charging, perfect for listening to audio without being inhibited by wires or low battery life. The sleek and modern design boasts a textured metal plate and a changeable LED strip light.


The NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds in black, floating above their matching black earbud case which is open.

NeoBuds Pro 2 Capabilities

These in-ear wireless earbuds feature spacial audio with real-time head tracking, all made possible with its built-in gyrometer and accelerometer. The innovative head-tracking technology sets the sound stage for a true 3D audio treat.
It also includes a Knowles balanced armature driver, composite diaphragm dynamic drivers and LDAC, LHDC, SBC, and AAC audio coding. In addition, up to 192kHz/24bit music streaming over Bluetooth is possible for the first time using the latest LHDC 5.0 HD codec.

Long-Lasting Charge & Durable

A side-profile of a person wearing the white NeoBuds Pro 2 earbuds, while holding up the matching white case close to the camera.

The NeoBuds Pro 2 have IP54 dust and splash resistance and seven different-sized ear tips, keeping the earbuds dry and dirt-free whilst delivering optimal comfort, perfect for exercise. Whether gaming, exercising or listening to a long podcast, the charging case alone provides a 22-hour battery life and two hours from a short 15 minutes of charge! Furthermore, downloading the Edifier Connect App will enable users to explore more personalisation options and customise their listening experience.

Incredibly sleek, high-resolution and conveniently portable. What more could an audio-lover ask for? We at Thumb Culture love the look of the earbuds, but what do you think? Let us know your thoughts and experiences with the NeoBuds Pro 2 below.



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