Trust Gaming Zirox and Felox Review

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Trust Gaming, the leading digital lifestyle accessories brand recently released the Zirox Gaming headset as well as the Felox Gaming Mouse. We have checked out other Trust products in the past, and these are another great addition to the growing list of Gaming products.

In Trust We Trust

Have you had hands-on with Trust Gaming products? If so, what do you think? Were they up to scratch?

Zirox Gaming Headset

Available at around £18 online, the Zirox gaming headset comes in a variety of colours. Black, white, blue and pink, giving something for everyone. A sucker for a pink product we requested the brightest of the lot!

Its lightweight design, weighing 244 grams means that it’s comfortable for long gaming sessions. However, it did get a little pinchy on my large head. So perhaps if you have a head that is more on the larger side, be careful if you are looking at this headset. Although if it fits you then you are in for a treat. With powerful 50mm drivers make sure you get decent sound.

a headset being held in the hands of a gamer at a desk. With rubiks cube, keyboard and mouse on screen
incredibly lightweight at 244g

A foldaway mic that is clear for your teammates to hear meaning you can move it out of the way when it isn’t needed. However, it would have been nice for it to have muted when you lift it into the up position. Whereas the mute button is on the headphone itself, along with the volume control. Its saving grace in terms of design is the long 2m cable allowing it to be plugged into any 3.5mm device. Making it an incredibly versatile headset.

The sound quality of the headset was adequate. Obviously, you aren’t going to get the same soundscape of a more expensive headset but to think that you would be naive.

Felox Gaming Mouse

Available in two varieties, both wired (£13) and wireless (£18), the Trust Gaming Felox mouse is a great addition if you are looking for a new piece of inexpensive hardware. We got to grips with the wired version of the mouse, but even though it wasn’t the top-tier version, it was still a decent gaming mouse to be used.

With the same vibrant colours as the Zirox, we once again got our hands on the pink variety. It comes with an incredible speed adjustment of between 200 and 6400 DPI. This will mean there is a setting for everyone out there. Whether you are a twitch shooter or just a calm RTS player. Get that mouse set up right and it’s a joy to use.

image showing the trust gaming mouse on a desktop. With pink colouring and a green rgb strip along the bottom of the mouse. in the background is a keyboard and other neon lights.
We all love a bit of pink

With six customisable buttons, you can set this up just right with the included software. Even adding macros if you so wish. Then that awesome gamer RGB, you can configure this however you please.

Putting the mouse to use across the board from video editing to longer gaming sessions was a joy. Whilst it will never replace my daily driver, it’s definitely a good investment if you work away from home and want something to throw in the bag for your travels.


Trust Gaming has once again released a couple of great budget accessories that will no doubt have their place in the market. Whilst they may not be as feature packed as some of the other more expensive offerings. What they do offer is great build quality, with great performance for the price.

Get out there and check these out if you want that inexpensive upgrade!

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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