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As a massive fan of everything that comes out of Jackbox Games, I instantly jumped to the front of the queue when The Jackbox Party Pack 10 was announced. Waiting in anticipation to find out what games would be included and how they would play. Well, wait no longer as we dive into the minds of Jackbox Games and find out what trouble we are going to get up to.

Ain’t No Party Like a Jackbox Party… Pack 10

Do you have a favourite game from the Jackbox franchise? Do you like Quiplash? Or Fibbage? Well The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will definitely fight for it’s place as your favourite game in the series.


Let’s get right to it! The Jackbox Party Pack 10 features 5 new party games for you to win friends and influence people. In this pack there is something for everyone, from trivia and drawing, to a lovely music game. Being able to play with your phone or tablet means anyone can play and from anywhere. With games supporting up to 9 players, but having up to 10,000 audience members there is a place for everyone!

So we better get stuck into the games, and give you a brief explanation as to what you will be up too.


Ever wanted to curate that perfect text message? Well in FixyText you can do just that, only thing is that you will have your team mates also typing… AT THE SAME TIME! It leads to chaos and very hilarious text messages. It’s ok though, it gets worse when the computer reads out what you have put adding that extra sauce to what you have written.

This game was great to play, building up score by getting your words picked by the other team. So make sure you are clever with what you put on the board.

an example screenshot of FixyText showing how the screen looks when you are editing your text messages.
Don’t get left behind when typing up your message

Tee K.O. 2

Bringing design and humour Tee K.O.2 sees you designing logos and slogans, and putting them together in battle to find the ultimate article of clothing. First you will have to draw a few logos, so get your thinking caps on. Be warned though, the timer is per drawing. I thought that the ticking timer was for all 3 logos and so I rushed my final one (it was a smily face) and then noticed the timer start again.

Once you have done your logos and slogans the real battles begin. So don’t hold back and think of something really edgy. You never know who you might be up against in the final!

A typical Tee KO 2 screen showing 2 battling garments, decide who will win and go through to the next round
Oooo Lemons or Pizza! You Decide!


As a time-travelling trivia expert, you are tasked with answering some time-related questions. Effectively you have to answer questions about the past and give your guestimate when it comes to dates. Don’t worry; you are given a range to pick from, and even a hint if you are behind on the overall scores.

This one was a lot of fun to play through, try and get the lowest score overall and take the plaudits as the best trivia expert.

Timejinx screenshot showing an example of the questions that you might have to answer. this question is one based around the 2010s trivia.
So… Which is the GOAT?


This is one of those more complicated games when you first start it, after a round or two you will be well-versed in all things Hypnotorious. Basically, you are given a secret identity, and then by answering a few questions in character, you have to decide which other person/people you belong in a group with. Be careful though as you need to decide who is on your side, and they might not think you are the person to spend time with.

Dodo Re Mi

A musical game, using your phone as an instrument. You and the rest of your team must make sweet sweet music to escape a hungry plant. Max out the meter and you will survive, anything less and you get eaten.

This game is probably one of the more interactive games that I have played on a Jackbox game. Syncing up your phone to the on screen game, you play through your musical instrument of choice. Once you reach the end, you are then greeted with a rendition of your orchestra in live time. Mistakes and all.

With a decent number of songs, with others unlocking by just playing through the available songs. You are then allowed to pick your instrument, from screaming to drums. Then you are greeted with a Rock Band/Guitar Hero screen where you have to hit your notes in time. Simple right?

playing Dodo Re Mi and feeding the plant whilst playing Flight of The bumblebees.
Feed me Seymour!

Graphics & Audio

If you have ever played a Jackbox game before you will know the graphical style that it has, and The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is no different. The colourful vibrant style is back across all games and it just looks beautiful.

The audio is perfect, with great sound track and great voice acting from each of the game hosts you will not be disappointed. Its clear that a lot of love has gone into Pack 10.


Playing this with friends will lose you hours and hours. It’s such a fun game to play through and have fun as a group. Even if you happen to end up in the audience there are a whole host of ways you can influence the outcome of the games.

Final Thoughts

Another Jackbox Games game that is an instant hit! Playing The Jackbox Party Pack 10 with friends is going to be great fun. Even playing it as part of your streaming schedule is going to give you hours of entertainment. If you have other Jackbox games in your library, do yourself a favour and pick up Pack 10.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 receives the Thumb Culture Platinum Award.

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.

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