Dead by Daylight Patch 4.5.0 “Mid-Chapter” – Now Live

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Patch 4.5.0 is now live on all platforms for Dead by Daylight. With this patch, players can expect a whole slew of new content.

  • Starting today at 16:00 GMT the “Tome VI for The Archives – DIVERGENCE” event will be live.

  • Starting February 11th at 16:00 GMT “The Gilded Stampede” event will be live.
  • There is going to be multiple new HUD changes from layout, new HUD elements and also UI Scale sliders.
  • Visual updates to the Gideon Meat Plant and Asylum maps. As well as model and texture updates on The Nurse and The Clown outfits.

  • The following killers have had some balancing – The Clown, The Trapper and The Wraith.
  • And also miscellaneous changes including Hex: Undying, Misc. Perk changes, Deep Wound and Mangled.
  • A multitude of bug fixes to gameplay, audio and some various platform-specific bug fixes.
  • Current known issues are there are some tutorial and UI texts showing incorrect characters in Thai on Steam.

Check out the full article here on the dead by daylight site.

Dead by Daylight has always been a game I’ve wanted to get into myself, but feel it’s now way too late. Let me know in the comments if you think it’s not too late for a noob to hop on this game or not. I already own it, but don’t want to waste my time, haha.

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