Crimson Keep PS4 Review- Keep On Dying?

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Crimson Keep is a first-person action-packed RPG game created by Merge games. Released for many platforms such as PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox one. With three options of what kind of “survivor/warrior” you are, it will help with how hard your gameplay is and what your starting weapon is. The aim of the game is to find the “sunken remains” so that you can cleanse it and free the trapped people staying alive trying to use any of the items you find.

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Starting at the main menu you are offered a choice in which to start, you can choose to play as either The Berserker, the Witch or the Drifter Which gives you all the same start to the game besides your inventory. For example, your witch is given a wand, Berserker is given an axe and your drifter is just using their fists. I feel these characters are some form of difficulty setting as with your Berserker you’re given an axe which is unbreakable, can be used throughout the levels if you wish to do for however amount of time, the witch is given a wand, which is relativity stronger to use against your enemies but does have a limited amount of ammo to use against them, and drifter.. well you get your fists and that’s a huge battle, I personally found it a lot harder to fight enemies and give a percentage of damage to the enemies with my fist, meaning battles took longer and in return I took more damage.

Annoyingly, you must pass through the tutorial every single time you die and restart to the beginning of the game which you can gain your first ability by opening up your crates/barrels and killing enemies. When you initially drop down to your first zone it is randomized and you can pass through the same level map but from a different spawn point, crossing the same enemies, yet eventually you would have died so many times that you’re around the same area and this soon becomes very boring. The enemies seem rather difficult at first when you’re unsure exactly how to play against them, but sure enough, you soon learn their hitting patterns and best way t0 counter strike them.

Across the map are barrels you can gain items from, in my experience I only ever managed to receive an item from a barrel on the tutorial of the map and nowhere else across the other lands; we have emailed the devs regarding this, they claim to of upped the chance of receiving an item but I think it’s still very much pot luck of even getting one. Killing enemies can also get you items, these may include clothing which extends your HP, higher damage weapons, necklaces which give you a better chance of survival and food so you do not starve whilst finding your way down the caves.

Each time you fall down to the boss of the level you’re shown a larger version of the guys you’ve already spent a lot of time-fighting against, you eventually find the best ways to damage your boss without getting damaged yourself. Once they have been killed there will be a chest with a “prize” of some sort, again I never saw any form of health prize which by the time I had a fight with a big guy I really did need. You then enter a new level with new monsters and a new dungeon area to discover.. just don’t die and be wary of everywhere, because if you do it’s back to the tutorial level for you again. There are doors without the maps called soul doors, these do not warn you that if you proceed through the door it kills you and puts you back to the tutorial, this annoyed me even more as I believe there should be some sort of information prior to this, although if you are a trophy hunter you do need to open these doors to get one of the trophy’s!

I discovered during around an hour and half into the game that crashes did keep coming up for me where I would be blue screened and returned back to the PlayStation menu, again the devs are going to have a look into this issue, i found this was a big thing that put the game off  for me especially as it’s an already released game and shouldn’t be experiencing these kinds of issues.


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I found the graphics reminded me of the old school dungeon games and being an indie gamer I didn’t expect too much from it, it was a huge throwback to when I first ever tried a pc game.


The audio was nothing special, it has soft music throughout the game, you can hear the footsteps of many enemies if you listen close enough although I found a few of the times it was out of sync with them when they were hitting and such.


I personally think despite crimson keep being released already there is still a lot of work to be done on it to ensure it’s not a broken game,  they need to fix their game so you don’t crash, they need to give you better chances of having food, and health to ensure you can survive that little bit longer otherwise you’re going to get bored real fast of doing the same exact stuff, I guess if you’re lucky enough to get past a certain point it won’t be so bad.. that is until you get crashed to the main screen over and over again.

Co-op would really help this game, two people playing would make it a hell of a lot more fun than one person playing, dying a few hundred times and then moving on to the next game, Merge games have stated they have no plans for a co-op within crimson keep but if they get desperate enough for players I’m sure they’ll soon drag their feet back and create a mode for this.

The game would be amazing and has so much more potential if it wasn’t a broken game, so I will not be giving any form of award for this.


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Disclaimer: A review code was received in order to write this article.

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