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Before Your Eyes comes to your screens from the award winning studio GoodbyeWorld Games and published by Skybound Games. The interactive narrative story allows you to control what goes on during your experience, to find out in what way, you will have to carry on reading. The game is due to release on Steam on the 8th April.

Watch the game evolve Before Your Eyes

When this game popped into our inbox it intrigued me, it felt like it was going to change the way that you can interact with the narrative. Are you excited to get your eyes on Before Your Eyes? Leave us a comment below.

Guided by a wolf in a rain jacket!

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Firing up Before Your Eyes for the first time and experiencing the game itself is an absolute joy. The narrative is brilliant.

The story revolves around your memories, the memories of your character from their earliest memory to potentially their last. Experiencing the highs and lows, however, the story moves along with your eye movements and blinks. Yes, blinks. You plug your webcam in, do a little bit of configuring and voila, you are now controlling the game with your eyes. Don’t worry you still are able to play through the game with your mouse if you do not own a webcam, however this does take away the whole sensation of needing to keep your blinkers open.

Throughout the story you are given pivotal moments that are indicated on screen, the longer you keep your eyes open, the deeper to go into that experience. But if you blink, that experience is gone! Never to be seen again.

Blink and you will literally miss it!

During Before Your Eyes you are guided by a boatman, a wolf, surrounded by Ravens. This character gives a great sense of relief to the sometimes heavy subjects that you will experience throughout.

Its hard to write about the gameplay of Before Your Eyes because I truly feel that the game should be experienced.

Graphics & Audio

Before Your Eyes is presented in an awesome style. Having slightly cartoon style graphics definitely helps with the themes of the game and gives a charm to the game.

Make sure you get the lighting right for your camera to capture those blinks.

Audio wise, there are no complaints at all, the voice acting is brilliant and the environmental sounds bring the story to life. The narrator does a great job of keeping you on track and developing the story as you progress through.


The game itself isn’t particularly long, but the experience will stay with you. This story at numerous points brought a tear to my eye as you are given an amazing way to interact with the story. Just be careful as it becomes harder to keep your eyes open when they are filling up with tears.

Final Thoughts

Well, I honestly don’t really know how to praise this game any higher. I honestly believe that anyone who owns a PC and a webcam should take a look at Before Your Eyes. If there was a higher award I could give the game I certainly would.

I gladly give Before Your Eyes a Thumb Culture Platinum Award

Disclaimer: A code was received in order to write this review.


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