Arcade Dreams Documentary Coming To Kickstarter

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Chronicling over 100 years of arcade gaming history

Documenting amusement arcades from their birth to the present day, Arcade Dreams aims to be the definitive history of arcades from their mechanical roots to the cutting edge experiences of today.

Rock Steady Media, the makers of the hit documentary Viva Amiga, today unveiled Arcade Dreams, their latest passion project, on Kickstarter. The Arcade Dreams Kickstarter is now up and running until the 5th of December.

Arcade Dreams delves into the history of these gaming institutions from their very beginnings and takes viewers back to the button-bashing temples of their youth and beyond in this multi-episode series of the 100-year history of amusement arcades. Rock Steady Media have already captured hundreds of hours of rich 4K footage, spanning machines from classics like 1970s Gunfight right through to 2020s King Kong of Skull Island, as well as interviews with legendary industry figures, historians, collectors, and expert enthusiasts.

Growing up in the ’80s, I was obsessed with arcades. In fact, I never stopped going to arcades. Now I get to turn this lifelong passion into my dream documentary series. I’ve always wanted someone to create the definitive history of amusement arcades, but nothing ever seemed to materialise. So, I realised that I was going to have to do it myself. I was lucky enough to have Bill Winters join me as Director of Photography and we have built a team of award-winning writers, editors, production designers, researchers, and 3D animators. Together we’ve uncovered some amazing stories and we’re halfway through our journey. Now we need our fellow fans to help us get to the finish line. We also discovered some plutonium in the back of an abandoned arcade, so the DeLorean is all ready to go. It’s going to be epic.

Arcade Dreams Director Zach Weddington

Arcade Dreams also has interviews with industry luminaries such as:

  • Eugene Jarvis, pinball and game designer who created classics like Defender, Robotron:2084, Cruis’n USA, Pinbot, NARC, and Smash TV
  • Gary Stern, head of Stern Pinball and a second-generation arcade legend
  • Jon Hey, sound designer and composer who worked on many games for Midway such as NBA Jam and was the voice of Raiden on Mortal Kombat
  • George Gomez, game designer who created the iconic cabinet design for TRON and Spy Hunter. He is now the Chief Creative Officer for Stern Pinball
  • Roger Sharpe, known as “The Man Who Saved Pinball.” A notable pinball historian who worked in the industry for more than a quarter-century

Arcade fans and video game historians can support Arcade Dreams on Kickstarter for the next 45 days. Backers will receive several exclusive rewards, including a collector’s edition Blu-ray box set and limited edition posters by legendary artists Jeremy Packer (Avengers: Infinity War) and Rich Davies (Ready Player One, Terminator Dark Fate). Reaching their goal of $95,000 USD will ensure this documentary series matches the ambitious vision of Rock Steady Media, with stretch goals delivering hours of additional content.

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