Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship Lowers Sails and Launches Tomorrow

Abandon Ship is arriving tomorrow, and it’ll be another nautical themed title arriving this year.

Abandon Ship may not be about pirates, but it is about sailing, and this year we’ve already got Sea of Thieves, and Skull & Bones arriving to keep our inner pirates happy. However those two are both Online. What about if you want a single-player experience? That’s where Abandon Ship seems to be coming in.

Developed by Fireblade Software, the game brings a top-down, FTL style management system with the added exploration system inspired by Sunless Seas. It’s also unique looking with an art style inspired by naval oil paintings from ye’ olde days.

The announcement trailer shows dramatic images accompanied by a dramatic, deep booming voice of a Captain. The developer has also launched gameplay trailers on their YouTube channel and allowed players to sign up to a newsletter on the main website in a bid to get their names included into the game.

The trailer can be found below and the title is exclusive to PC and single-player only. It will launch on the 21st of February 2018.



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