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Day 24 of our 31 Days of Halloween and we have a game so good that we reviewed it twice so no ghosties come to haunt us! It was reviewed on PC here and again on PlayStation 5 when it was later released this year here. We are of course talking about The Medium.

Bloober Team has become a force to be reckoned with in recent years within the horror genre. With games like Blair Witch, Layers of Fear 1&2, and Observer, they are showing that they are pushing boundaries and exploring new territory to send chills down our spines. Today’s game, The Medium is a perfect example of those things raising the bar in the process.

Have you ever wondered what the spirit realm might look like? Do you believe it even exists? This third-person psychological horror game may have you questioning your own beliefs, opinions, and maybe even your sanity.

The Medium
Dual reality gameplay

As the name suggests, you play the part of a medium who is haunted by visions of a young child being shot at a lake. Using your abilities you will have to uncover the truth and secrets surrounding her murder. What’s interesting about this game is that you will be interacting in both the physical world and spirit worlds simultaneously to solve puzzles and fend off enemies.

The spirit world is a dark reflection of the real world and where evil deeds lie unpunished and a take on a form that you have to battle. Being able to travel in both worlds helps widen your perspective to gain a better understanding of the truth. There really are two sides to every story.

Bloober Team are really on a roll at the minute pounding out future horror classics. We are huge fans here at Thumb Culture and can’t wait to see what they come up with next. We also reviewed the cyberpunk-themed horror Observer: System Redux which you can read here.

Have you played The Medium? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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